Bigg Boss 9 Day 55 5 December 2015- When Kieth Loses His Cool And Rochelle Does Not Listen To Him

Bigg Boss 9 Day 55 5 December 2015:

Akin to last week Salman is seen giving a brief of the show by speaking about the changing relationships in the house, throughout the ‘Rishton Ki Pareeksha Week’.

The day begins with ‘ Avein Avein Lut Gaya’, as the contestants step out in the garden area, everyone is surprised looking at their belongings which was taken away, food from kitchen and luxury budget hanging in the garden area.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 55 5 December 2015, Bigg Boss 9 , Salman Khan, Keith, Rochelle
Bigg Boss takes away all belongings of contestant as punishment

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 All the contestants are shown video clipping where they are breaking the rules. next follows BB voice lambasting contestants for being the most irresponsible towards following the rules in the history of BB house.

With rules being followed BB will return them their things, but if any rule is broken then they will loose on all the items.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 55 5 December 2015:

 BB calls Priya to confession room giving her important responsibility, that she could punish the housemates with props kept in the garden area if anyone breaks the rules. she will be rewarded an extra week’s, captaincy on her good performance.

The day completely dedicated to irked Rochelle begins when she refuses to clean the kitchen counter which was later given to Kanwaljeet. Rochelle is being cranky over Priya not telling Kanwaljeet to remove his wet clothes, even if he is done with cleaning the counter. Kieshwar enters the argument saying as people will eliminate their duties will keep on increasing. Priya gets adamant saying nobody will remove Knawaljeet’s wet clothes as she could clean the rest of the bathroom by not touching that part.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 55 5 December 2015, Bigg Boss 9 , Salman Khan, Keith, Rochelle
Keith shouting at Rochelle

Looking at things get fervid Keith intervenes saying as captain Priya can give extra responsibilities, Rochelle is not listening to him, hence he shouts at her saying that nobody will listen to him then things can not be sorted. Priya punishes him for speaking in English by ordering him to wash the clothes.

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series of punishments for speaking in English which began with Keith continue throughout the day with Kieshwar punished twice, Mandana tied to an iron roller and asked to take 5 rounds of the garden area, Priya punishing herself after Rochelle poking her, Rishabh whose punishment turned chucklesome when Priya put locked his neck and hands in wooden plank, and Keith removed his pants and gradually all started spanking his butts.

Next to fight were Mandana and Kieshwar who argue when Mandana say that she does most amount of work compared to all, things get fueled when she indirectly puts in on Suyyash, who responds by calling her ‘Kamchor’. gradually everyone gets together gainst Mandana. Later Mandana refuses to talk to anyone Priya bashes at her when she tells her ‘she is the captain not a teacher’.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 55 5 December 2015, Bigg Boss 9 , Salman Khan, Keith, Rochelle
Mandana when all are against him

Under Priya’s supervision contestants manage to get their items back after following the all the rules for the first time, Priya as was informed by BB, is made captain in continuity for the coming week.

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Kieth throughout the day is seen cajoling Rochelle to calm down. while finally telling her that she has her own ways so he would leave her.

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