Siya Ke Ram 5 December 2015: The distance between Kaushalya and Dasharath is over

Siya Ke Ram 5 December 2015:

When Janak banishes Sudhanwa, Sita asks her father: some days ago he told her that no human owns this land then how come Mithila belongs to him? Janak informs his people that Sita has opened his eyes, hence he changes his punishment and informs Raja Sudhanwa to go back to his state but this time as a common man.

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Siya Ke Ram 5 December 2015, Siya Ke Ram
Janak and Sita

Dasharatha is desperately wanting to meet Kaushalya to know about his daughter and what she thinks about him. But Sumitra takes Dasharatha to the dining area, saying after three days of hunger, a special food is prepared for him, Kaushalya enters with his favorite food, saying that he used to eat it happily hence she has prepared it all by herself. Dasharath in his guilt asks about Shanta. Kaushalya tells him that Shanta said, ‘whatever happened was destiny and that which will happen is also destiny and he should not be burdened with the expectation of forgiveness, where there is love there is no guilt’. She should be kept alive inform of her daughter and not in the form of a guilt.

Siya Ke Ram 5 December 2015, Siya Ke Ram

Dasharath after years of distance touches Kaushalya, asking if she forgave him while Kaushalya says that because she could express she felt only her pain, but because he didn’t express it did not mean that he was not in pain, hence she asks forgiveness. To which Dasharath breaks the long silence saying that now they are burden free hence no guilt should entail their hearts. He asks her to feed him.

Siya Ke Ram 5 December 2015:

‘Dhobi/washerman’ brings kaikeyi’s clothes Manthra gives orders to purify her clothes with holy water Ganga as it was touched by the Dhobi. After Manthra throws Money at him furious Dhobi cleans it with holy water Ganga saying it was touched by her.

Meanwhile, Ram arrives asking him, “Bhadra you forgot me?” telling him the story how dhobi helped them as kids picking mangoes from the tree. he can not be forgotten for his selfless act. Dhobi says he doesn’t recall anything. Ram replies the one who owes should remember not the one who gives. Dhobi is into tears when Ram embraces him.

Manthra sees all this saying ‘Ram hugging a dhobi is dangerous and will bring disaster’.

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Siya Ke Ram 5 December 2015, Siya Ke Ram
worried Kaikeyi

Kaikeyi asks Sumitra of Dashartha’s whereabouts, Sumitra tells her that he was with Kaushalya. Kaikeyi is worried if Dashartha might forget both of them, Sumitra says ‘after years of separation even if he forgets them, then also it is ok’.

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while Kaikeyi peeps through the dining area sneaking in through the door seeing kaushalya feeding food to Dasharatha saying that it has calmed her long-unfulfilled desires.
The episode ends with Kaikeyi, sinking in fear of losing her place in Dasharath’s life of being his favorite queen.

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