Bigg Boss 9 Day 56 6 December: It’s A Fight To Be BajiRao And Mastani Between The Contestants

Bigg Boss 9 Day 56 6 December:

Marking his entry with the very famous “Bodyguard”, Salman says that contestants now would be needing bodyguards showing an argument which happened between Priya and Rochelle, after she says “because of teachers like her her that she can’t speak Hindi today”. Priya’s ego is hurt and she is in tears throughout the morning saying she was just correcting her. Rishabh tells her not to cry as Rochelle was enjoying seeing her cry.

Priya shouts at Rochelle’s remark at her.

Mandana and Digangna are empathising with Priya are discussing Rochell’s self-obsessed nature. Rochelle overhears their conversation, looses patience when Mandana starts to bad mouth her, she faces her and tells both that she will not be supporting either from now on.

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Ranveer Singh enters to promote Bajirao Mastani, Salman jokes that he snatched the movie from him as it was offered to him years back.He takes a dig at Ranveer’s moustache if it doesn’t hurt him, it takes 10 minutes to set his moustache, Salman replies if he has so much of time.

Ranveer Singh on his entry


Ranveer and Salman share many moments by dancing on pinga Pinga and singing ” Tadap-Tadap Ke’.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 56 6 December:

Salman introduces him to contestants through ‘me TV’, Ranveer who does a contest to choose Bajirao and Mastani of the house.

All the boys enact and recite dialogue from Bajirao, while girls were asked to do ‘Kushti’.

Kieshwar is declared as Mastani of the house the Kushti task after defeating Rochelle in the final round. Suyyash is chosen as the Bajirao or his romantic performance.



Later, Salman reveals that two nominated contestants Suyyash and Digangana, the elimination for the first time would be on the basis of the votes of the housemates.

contestants in Salman’s classes

Salman goes back to take the class of the contestants. He comes to know that Rochelle has resigned as Mandana’s “Manager’, and says initially Keith was managing Rochelle, but now it is vice versa.

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Salman shows a clipping of last week’s ‘Potli task’ where contestants promised to give their 100 percent. everybody is embarrassed as neither of them stayed throughout the task. Keith gives his explanations of dropping the potli while Salman tells him he has a bright future outside, as it came out to be his performance and it was very nice.

Mandana feels that she is a victim, saying everyone has issues with her no matter what she does. Keith and Rochelle lecture her over everything while Rochelle herself has been misbehaving with all. Rishabh and others enter saying she is ungrateful to people and has an inconsistent attitude.

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Salman clears out Mandana’s doubts informing her that on her good performance everyone appreciates her.

A viewer tells Keith that he is looking to be another Suyyash in the house ever since he is back. Keith says it is not the case and presents himself as an individual.

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