Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6 December 2015: Ishita Plans A Drama To Kill Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6 December 2015:  

Yeh hai Mohabbatein at its climacteric point begins with Raman and Ishita having some lighthearted fun between Raman and Ishita when Raman brings Ishita’s tab to learn to bake through it, he asks Ishita for the password, she tells him to put her Birth date digits, Raman fails to do so, realizing that he does not know her birthdate, she chases him saying men should be punished for not remembering wives birthdays, while she recites all details about Raman.

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yeh hai mohabbatein
yeh hai mohabbatein

 Raman apologised holding his ears, saying one thing she doesn’t know saying ‘I Love You’. Ishita embraces him saying he won’t let anything happen to him.

Vandhu is confused about accessorizing for a staff party, she is not able to find matching necklace for Delhi Universtiy staff party, but to surprise her Baala brings her an expensive diamond neckpiece.

 Raman gets a call from his partner Mukherjee to attend a meeting in Kolkata, Raman has to fly the very same day, Ishita is worried and not wanting to let him go. she is questioning him about his safety and wellbeing.Raman tells her it is just for a day and he will be fine. Ishita is not happy, she is thinking about Ashok’s threats saying she can not live in this fear any longer.

yeh hai mohabbatein
yeh hai mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6 December 2015:  

Vandhu is talking to her staff members who are appreciating her diamond neckpiece while Suraj enters late for the classes, Vandhu tells him to ask for more money, for the car damage repair. Suraj is happy over the expenses of loan money made by Baala.

Ishita goes to Raman, to tell him that about Shagun and their baby being fine, instead tells him that she has a surprise for him. Raman leaves for Kolkata, but she gets a text from Ashok telling her to kill him.

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Ishita who is perturbed is talking to Shagun, Prateek and Abhishek, she informs them that Ashok is planning to harm kids if Ishita does not kill Raman. Abhishek suggests of arresting him Shagun refuses saying the informer might harm them in this case. Ishita suggests Ashok does not leave any clue behind so that they can prove him guilty hence they need to find the ‘Khabari’ first, to prevent any more danger.


She plans of a drama of Raman’s death, saying she too would leave the house leaving a note for family members saying that she and Raman are going out. Would get out of reach firstWhile later call back the family members giving the Raman’s fake death news, as a result the members would be mourning meanwhile the ‘khabari’ would inform this to Ashok and Ashok to confirm this drama would send the Khabari to follow her.

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This is how they would reach the Khabari, she said and the show comes to an end.

Ishita is going to get the shock of her life.This plan would fall back on her.

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