Home News Boycott Air Asia India: Gaurav Taneja (Flying Beast) YouTuber Controversial Suspension Explained [VIDEO]

Boycott Air Asia India: Gaurav Taneja (Flying Beast) YouTuber Controversial Suspension Explained [VIDEO]

Boycott Air Asia India: Gaurav Taneja (Flying Beast) YouTuber Controversial Suspension Explained [VIDEO]
Gaurav Taneja Air Asia Controversy

Boycott Air Asia India is trending on Twitter India following a detailed video published by YouTuber Gaurav Taneja (Flying Beast), ex-Captain Air Asia India Airline, regarding his sudden suspension admit the COVID-19 pandemic. Details inside.

The Delhi based YouTuber had previously mentioned in his daily vlogs (Gaurav’s Financial Crisis Video) about receiving serious e-mails concerning his job title in the airline. Gaurav then filed a petition (legal notice) to Air Asia for behaving indecently and to get back working with the company.

However, Taneja was eventually suspended from Air Asia on June 14, he confirmed the news via a tweet.

The next morning, Gaurav published a detailed half an hour-long video (27 minutes & 28 seconds) discussing the reasons his suspension from the Pilot Job. We have added short excerpts from the video to explain why Air Asia suspended Gaurav Taneja.

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Reasons Behind Suspension of Gaurav Taneja (Captain of Air Asia India)

Taneja joined the Air Asia India airline in April last year and soon noticed big loopholes in the airline’s safety & security systems. The ex-Captain reported the changes required to be made for ‘safe operations of its aircraft and passengers’ but were unheard by the officials.

Gaurav Taneja Air Asia Suspended
Gaurav Taneja Air Asia

Gaurav talked about 3 major problems he had with the airline:-

  1. Sick Leave Policy (A Punitive Policy)
    • Air Asia did not grant sick leaves. If one had to take a sick leave (like on Saturday), he/she would need to return to the job on the actual granted weekday holiday (Wednesday, in case of Gaurav).
    • Gaurav defended Air Asia, saying every company has a quota for ‘sick leaves’. And using those leaves should not affect the given set of off-days.
  2. Pre-Lockdown Era
    • Pilots have the highest risk of getting affected by foreign viruses as passengers travel from one country to another which substantially increases the chances of getting infected.
    • Air Asia did not follow the ‘COVID-19’ safety precautionary measures.
    • On 23 March, Gaurav reported major flag checks in the Aircraft he flies and Air Asia ignored the message risking Pilot’s and Passengers’ safety.
    • Captain Gaurav Taneja was seen as a possible threat to the airline’s values and reputation by the Chief of Security for frequently pointing out problems and not ‘doing his job’ quietly.
  3. Pointed out for ‘Not Saving Fuel’
    • An aircraft can land in two configurations, Flap 3 which saves fuel (approx 8kg) and Flap Full which burns more fuel but guarantees a safe landing.
    • Air Asia pointed out Gaurav Taneja for ‘not saving fuel’ as 71% of Gaurav’s landings were Flap 3 contrasting to 98% demanded by the airline.
    • Gaurav flew 2 times to Imphal (North-East India) in March 2020, the month for which he was accused of 71% Flap 3 landings. Gaurav mentioned the landing conditions were inappropriate to use the Flap 3 configuration.

For an in-depth look, watch the video Reason Behind Suspension from my Pilot Job.

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Gaurav Taneja Air Asia Controversy

Public Support on Air Asia India and Gaurav Tanjea (Flying Beast) Controversy

People are posting supportive messages to Taneja and wishing him success in the future. Checkout the tweets below.

Who is Gaurav Taneja (Flying Beast)? Wiki Biography

Gaurav Taneja is an Indian YouTuber, Captain, IITian, Bodybuilder, and a lot more (I’m a fan). Gaurav was born and raised in Kanpur, Utter Pradesh. He completed Electrical engineering from IIT Kharagpur in 2008.

Why Air Asia Suspended Gaurav Taneja
Why Air Asia Suspended Gaurav Taneja

In his graduation days, Gaurav pursued the dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder. He competed in numerous prominent titles. But soon realized bodybuilding, for him, is not enough to pay the bills.

Later he pursued the lifelong Aviation dream of becoming a Pilot. With hard work and time, Gaurav increased his rank from Crew Member (co-pilot) to a Captain (Pilot).

Gaurav Taneja operates two channels Flying Beast (2.9 M Subscribers) & FitMuscleTV (1.45 M Subscribers). On the former, he vlogs daily and talks about his upcoming schedules; on the later, he discusses mainly Gym Training and how to stay fit.

Gaurav Taneja is married to Captain Ritu Rathee, they have a girl child together ‘Rashbhari’.

The story is currently developing, we shall wait for further information from Air Asia. Till then, stay tuned with TCD for the Gaurav Taneja Air Asia updates.


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