BTS Has Now Charted Double-Digit Albums In Canada, A First Among Korean Artists

BTS Has Now Charted Double-Digit Albums In Canada, A First Among Korean Artists
BTS Has Now Charted Double-Digit Albums In Canada, A First Among Korean Artists

Map of the Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~ BTS’s new full-length album appeared on the Canadian Albums chart this week. BTS was No. 90 on the list. It is unusual, considering that BTS is the world’s biggest vocal group at the moment. The group has also already been at the top of the country-specific list many times, including March 2020.

While Map of the Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~ is not as popular as their other projects, it still made it in the top-100 of Canada thus becoming BTS’s tenth to make it in the list. The South Korean boy band performs the Map of the Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~ in Japanese. BTS has become the first South Korean band to have made it in the top-100 so many times. Very few other South Korean musicians have made it to the list and barely any more than once.

BTS set concert live stream record with Bang Bang Con

During the COVID-19 pandemic, BTS live concert was set as a new Guinness World Record. They had the most viewers for a music concert live stream. 756,000 fans from more than 100 countries watched the live online performance on June 14th. The performance consisted of 12 songs and a conversation between the seven members.

It was broadcasted live from Seoul, South Korea. WeVersa, a South Korean app and website streamed the show and the tickets were $25. BTS’ is celebrating their 7th anniversary and held the concert partly as a celebration event before releasing their Japanese language album Map of the Soul: 7 – The Journey.

The most popular songs from BTS’ repertoire that were performed included “Just One Day” and “Boy With Luv”. The online performance took place because all live concerts are canceled, due to the lockdowns. There is a chance for drive-in concerts around the world.

As the different industries are opening slowly, drive-in concerts and private shows are the only way fans can enjoy BTS. Private shows are a very popular form of getting a favorite crowd in one building. Casino venues are perfect during these times. During these shows, VIP guests can become a part of something big.

VIP guests get highroller casino bonus as they can play favorite and traditional games while listening to popular musicians. BTS could be part of this movement where fans can see live performances of their favorite band and bet on their luck at the same time. Those parties are already rumored to be wild and BTS would make it so much more fun and colorful.

The army of fans that the boy band has, will ensure that the concert halls, whether stadiums, all small stages in Casinos are full. The fans would be happy to see them perform live in 2020.

BTS Fans Are Once Again Disappointed By American News Outlets’ Coverage

K-pop became widely popular quite soon, but before that, only a couple of special websites dedicated to the genre covered the stories of K-pop stars. Now that bands such as BTS got so much recognition, big magazines like Times and Forbes write about K-pop artists. The way these magazines write about BTS does not always make their fans, who call themselves Army, happy.

Time magazine will release a special edition dedicated to BTS called TIME BTS: The K-pop Band that Conquered the World. The issue focuses on the history of BTS and their work. Apparently, the article also included a reference to Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC that made the BTS fans angry.

They expressed their disappointment saying that instead of giving credit to the work that BTS does, the article credited a group consisting of white males, that have nothing to do with either the genre or the group itself. Forbes said that the new album of the group failed, in comparison to their other hits.

The fans criticized the article saying that they did not emphasize the fact that the new album was released for Japan and not for the United States.

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