11 Careers in The Gambling Industry and How to Get Started

11 Careers in The Gambling Industry and How to Get Started
11 Careers in The Gambling Industry and How to Get Started

You might fancy a career in the gambling industry and there are certainly a lot of different roles you could get involved in. It can be a bit tricky to decide what area might suit you best and how to get started. Here are ten different careers to consider, the qualifications you might need and how to get started.

Professional Gambler

This career is not for the faint hearted. If you have the courage of a lion and you don’t mind the instability, then you could make big money as a professional gambler. There are different jobs that fall into this category:

Matched Betting Gambler

Matched betting is a good way of getting into the gambling industry. Most online gambling sites offer promotions and free bets to encourage you to sign up. You are not allowed to withdraw the free bet, but you can keep any winnings from it. This does not need to cost you any money at first but, for a monthly subscription, you will be sent lists of free bets you can make every month. This is a low-cost way of setting up your gambling business, but you can still win big from it.

Sports Gambler

If you are a keen sports person or you simply enjoy watching big games, then sports betting may be for you. You will have to research and learn a lot about the subject, but this is a great way of earning money from gambling and you will be able to beat the bookies at their own game. Betting on sports does not require any qualifications and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Poker Player

Playing poker is the most obvious way of earning money as a professional gambler but it can be difficult as so many people are trying to win. You will earn money by beating your opponents, but you will also have to pay to play the game, which can get expensive. The odds can be good here if you keep winning and many thousands can be won in a short space of time if you are playing for big money. You do not need specific qualifications, but the ability to keep calm under pressure is a must.

Gambling Teacher

Once you have made a name for yourself as a professional player then you could try your hand at teaching. People love to learn to play and you could teach your craft online or even hire your services out for parties or stag nights. There is certainly money to be made from teaching hard games like poker, and to do so, you need to hone your skills. Use sites like Online Casinos to keep you up to date and find new sites that will allow you to win big games and lots of money, which will enrich your CV. You can browse through here.

Casino Croupier

Traditionally croupiers worked on casino floors dispensing chips, operating table games, and distributing winnings. Many croupiers still work in this way. This is seen as quite a glamourous job, although the hours can be long. The travel possibilities are endless as there are casinos across the globe who are always on the lookout for good dealers. Many cruise lines hire croupiers to work on board their ships.

You can learn this job in approximately six weeks and no special qualifications are needed. Although the salary tends to be low, a good croupier will make a lot of their money in tips.

Online Croupier

Online gambling has really taken off in recent years and these sites often use live croupiers. They work in the same way as traditional croupiers but carry out their work via webcam. They accept direct applications.

Casino Security

Security guards are usually employed by the casino. Their job is to patrol the floor and play a preventative role in stopping crime being committed. They detect such things as fraud and vandalism as well as theft and other crimes. They play a visual role in the casino as well as working with AV equipment in the observation room. Security is always needed in a casino although recently drones have begun to take on some of the work traditionally carried out by security guards. There are no specific qualifications to do this job and direct applications are welcome.

Security Specialists

Security specialists are needed for online casinos. They monitor the gambling sites for potential security threats and breaches and detect fraudulent behaviour. They install and maintain various security systems and maintain their knowledge of networks, software, and operations. A degree in network security is a must have and graduate level jobs can be hard to come by.


Coders create, modify, test, and implement the codes that allow online gambling to exist. Online gambling sites are usually app based so they have mobile complications too. Knowledge of coding is necessary for this career, but this can be self-taught or learnt at university. Coders are in demand so breaking into the industry will not be difficult once you have the skill set.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers control the visual aspects of the online gambling industry. Gambling online is a very visual experience so designers are an important part of the industry. Some sites also offer games and other features that graphic designers play a part in creating. A flair for art and graphics is important if you want to succeed in this industry, and a degree can be helpful. These positions can be highly competitive and much of the work is outsourced. Once you have honed your skills, bidding online for freelance work will help you get a foot in the door.

These are just some of the careers that are available in the vast world of the gambling industry, but there are many more. Once you get started in this fantastic industry, the possibilities are endless as long as you are prepared to work hard and obtain the necessary qualifications.

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