‘Stop Making Assumptions’: CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar’s) First Video Post Takedown Of YouTube vs TikTok

Two days ago, CarryMinait‘s roast video of Amir Siddiqui titled “YouTube vs TikTok: The End” got removed from the video-streaming website citing it was an ‘act of cyberbullying and harassment. (check: Most Disliked Videos on YouTube.)

Ajey Nagar, the owner of CarryMinati, published a video on his channel talking about the incident. That what happened was totally wrong and some people blew it out of proportion and started making assumptions of their own that the video spread hates about religion and gender (LGBT).

CarryMinati published the video today, on 17th May. It is titled “Stop Making Assumptions | YouTube vs TikTok: The End”. The ‘Roast King of India’ appears for the first time after the takedown of his video. (check: Most Disliked YouTube Videos India.)

We all know Carry for his jolly attitude, cracking jokes, and always a smile on his face. But this video tells a different tale, his face is dull and he feels disheartened by the news. It is evident from the video that the incident has taken a toll on his emotions and he is heartbroken.

You can watch the video below:-

He mentions how sad he was about the video getting removed and he couldn’t make out why this happened. And that he knew no reason whatsoever. (check: Most Disliked Indian Video on YouTube.)

After looking at various videos and articles which drew self-conclusions on his slang(s) and one-liners from TikTok vs YouTube video. Carry makes a humble request to the entire nation and his fan base to stop making assumptions. For it was said in a humorous way, people started interpreting it as an insult to their religion and gender.

That “..people started taking things out-of-context”. Ajey mentions an excerpt from the video which was far-fetched when he mentioned in YouTube vs TikTok The End video “mithai ki dukaan pe lejaunga, 200 me bik jayega” (if brought to a sweet shop, he would sell for 200 Rs). Twitters started calling him a homophobe and a bigot.

In this reply, he says it was said just to express that brands propose TikTokers in a group and not individually. They are hired in a group and do not have a brand value as an individual. (check: Most Liked Indian Videos on YouTube.)

'Stop Making Assumptions': CarryMinati (Ajay Negar's) First Video Post Takedown Of YouTube vs TikTok
‘Stop Making Assumptions’: CarryMinati (Ajay Negar’s) First Video Post Takedown Of YouTube vs TikTok

Carry also says that translating his Hindi slang words into English phrases, has changed the meaning drastically and vice versa. He says, “Please, Please.. Don’t represent your assumptions as facts.” At the end of the video, he says to not have even slightest of an idea what was the reason behind the takedown and “understand the context first and foremost, don’t make assumptions”.

Yesterday, he expressed his emotions via Instagram post. Where he mentions that his sole dream was to make videos and entertain everybody. And he had given YouTube his blood, sweat, and dreams. And YouTube treats him this way.

Along with him, YouTube has also pulled down videos of other content creators. One of them is Lakshay Chaudhary, he has also posted his views about the matter today.

And expressed how rubbish the accusations of people are, they cannot even take the humor lightly just because it is easy to defame a person who has lot of respect in the industry. He also mentions about CarryMinati’s video and says, he supports Ajey and asks his fan to not take words “personally”.

Watch the video below.

Stay tuned for more YouTube vs TikTok updates.

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