The Hollow Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Episodes, Plot: Will Netflix Renew The Series?

The Hollow Season 3 Release Date, Episodes, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers, News and Updates
The Hollow Season 3 Release Date, Episodes, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers, News and Updates

The Hollow Season 3: Being one of the best adventure mystery shows on Netflix “the Hollow” is highly probable to launch its next season. As of now, two seasons have been released the first in the year 2018 and the second on 8th May 2020. The second installment being released a few days ago, the fans are eager to know about the release date of the next chapter as the previous one ended with a lasting thrill.

With the start of the first season the three teens Adam, Mira, and Kai woke up with their memories vanished in a room and found themselves in a game. Then they start to perform the task given by the tree to find the Ishino (the dangerous weapon made by the branch of the tree), in return of sending them to the real world.

After some time, they find the superpowers they have on their own. Then, the weird guy (the person they first met there who can take them anywhere when they want) takes them to new places before they can return to their world. Then they fight the levels created in their way to the real world. After winning the game from their opponent trio they returned to the real world.

The Hollow Season 3 Release Date, Episodes, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers, News and Updates
The Hollow Season 3 Release Date, Episodes, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers, News and Updates

Will there be a season 3 of the Hollow?

The second installment emerges with the teens in the real world with their fears and superpowers with them. They tried to contact the game administration but were sent to the game world via a portal where they faced a lot of problems and challenges given by the weird guy. They found the trio who were their opponents in the previous season.

Then the story revolves around the problems they had and the solutions they have to do for coming out of these problems. Then, they wake up to someplace that was similar to the real one but after some time they realized it’s not the real world but the “hollow world” itself. (check: Greenleaf Season 5 Premiere Date.)

Depending on the plot of this second chapter, one can easily anticipate that there will be the next installment in this series for sure as the three kids are still in the game with their superpowers with themselves, inside the hollow world around them instead of the real world. This as a whole can be combined to come to the conclusion that there must be season 3 for this thrilling and mysterious web series.

When is the Hollow season 3 release date?

The second chapter of “The Hollow” has been released on 8th May 2020. The next season is most likely to be released in the mid of 2022. Though there is no news from the directors and producers of the series to date. Having a look at the time gap between the first and second seasons we can make an estimated release of the new installment in the year 2022. But there is still a probability of release in the last months of the following year 2021. Let’s see, when will there be news about the release of season 3.

Who will be the Hollow season 3 cast?

In the previous two seasons, the main actors who played the roles are – Adrian Petriw as Adam, Ashleigh Ball as Mira, Connor Parnail as Kai, Diana Kaarina as Vanessa, Alex Barima as Reeve, and Mark Hildreth as the weird were the same, being the main characters of the series these characters are likely to be there in the upcoming installment.

Along with these characters, a lot more characters can remain the same as they were on the screen at the ending of the previous installment and were in the middle of trying to come out of the hollow world. Some new characters can be added in the cast depending on the plot of the show. (check: Netflix’s Designated Survivor Season 4.)

What’s going to happen in the Hollow Season 3?

There is no official news that can provide an idea of the plot of the next segment. The last installment of the show is ended with the plot of the three kids still in the game. The plot of the next chapter is most probably going to start with the same scene having a quick recap of the previous installment.

The three teens may have to face a lot of difficulties in the form of levels as provided by the Weird. They may have to fight with more Witches, Dragons, Minotaurs, and Situations as they did in the first two seasons provided by the Weird as a task on their way to return to the real world.

In season 3, the trio will face new challenges in the strange worlds along with facing off sinister and weird villains.

Is there any trailer for the Hollow season 3?

No, it’s not released as the production hasn’t started yet. We will update it at the earliest. Until then, you can always enjoy the first two seasons of the Hollow. Watch the official trailer for the second installment below.


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