Home Entertainment Why CarryMinati YouTube vs TikTok Roast Video Removed? Will It Be Reinstated? Watch Carry Minati’s Reply

Why CarryMinati YouTube vs TikTok Roast Video Removed? Will It Be Reinstated? Watch Carry Minati’s Reply

Why CarryMinati YouTube vs TikTok Roast Video Removed? Will It Be Reinstated? Watch Carry Minati’s Reply
CarryMinati YouTube vs TikTok Roast Video Removed: How & Why? Will It Be Reinstated?

The heartbreaking news surfaced at around midnight 15th May 2020 that the CarryMinati Youtube vs Tiktok: The End roast video is lifted from his channel for violating ‘Terms of Service’ under cyberbullying and harassment. (check: Emiway vs Divine Diss Fight.)


The 20-year-old, popularly known as the Roast King of India, expressed his views on the allegations made by the self-proclaimed social influencer Amir Siddiqui about the YouTube community for lacking originality and spreading controversy to get fame. Read: YouTube vs TikTok Feud/Fight in Full Detail: How It Started?

Ajey Nagar, Carry Minati owner, has not officially said anything about this incident over his social media accounts. Business Insider tried to get in touch with YouTube, but they refused to answer at the moment. You shall be wondering, Carry’s The End video got removed? Find out below.

Why CarryMinati’s YouTube vs TikTok Video Got Removed?

Carry Minati’s TikTok vs YouTube video got removed from the video-streaming giant as it presumably didn’t follow the policies of YouTube. So, Ajey’s fans are going crazy over the social media, especially Twitter, and asking YouTube to delete other cringe-worthy stuff from YouTube too if roast videos are against their Terms and Conditions.

Past year, in December 2019, YouTube made changes to its policies and terms of service, stating “we will not tolerate any form of harassment”.

The distressing news broke the heart of all the fans and famous YouTube Content Creators too. The YouTube vs TikTok: The End video paved his path to becoming the most liked Indian video ever. And it was on its way to set a record for Most Liked Non-Musical Video all over the world.

Sadly, as Carry’s fans are speculating, Amir Siddiqui has claimed a strike on The End video or his fans has mass reported the video as inappropriate content. The hashtag #AmirAgainstCyberBullying was trending on Twitter earlier today.

That might be the reason it left YouTube no choice other than deleting what was the Most Liked Indian Video.

And soon after the video got lifted, fans tweeted in support of Carry, saying the action was intolerable and that YouTube should revive the video on its platform. In a blink of a moment, hashtag #CarryMinati & #JusticeForCarry were trending and it got the attention of the media.

Fans have come out in this need of help and supporting Carry Minati with their words. See it yourself.

CarryMinati YouTube vs TikTok Roast Video Removed: How & Why? Will It Be Reinstated?
CarryMinati YouTube vs TikTok Roast Video Removed: How & Why? Will It Be Reinstated?

Some Facts & Records Set By TikTok vs YouTube The End Video

  • It became the highest likes grossing video in India.
  • The Video garnered 7 Million Likes in the first week of its run.
  • The views counter recorded over 20+Million views in just one week.
  • The subscriber’s number increased to 16.6 Million from 10.7 Million.

(Other news sites are reporting false information that it doubled its subscribers from 8 to 16 Million. Check it yourself below. Data is from Social Blade, after the release of The End Video on 5th May.)

Carry Minati YouTube vs TikTok
Carry Minati YouTube vs Tiktok Subscribers Count

Did Carryminati Harass Amit Siddiqui In His Roast?

Roast Videos, as per the definition means, a humorous video intended to make jokes on a guest of honor to entertain a wider audience. Though Carry Minati is known for making blatant comments and using explicit words to entertain the audience. One cannot classify it as a cyberbullying stunt.

However, if Amir Siddiqui in any way feels the Carry Minati’s TikTok vs YouTube The End video has affected in a personal way, for example, hurt him emotionally. That he went on to do harm to his own life. Then yes it can be classified as a Cyber Bullying and Harassment.

By no means, Carry went on to such extent that it would affect Amir emotionally. If you couldn’t watch the YouTube vs Tiktok video, then here are the excerpts:-

  • Carry pointed out that TikTokers create only 15 to 20 seconds of videos and call it content. That too, lip-syncing of popular songs and dialogues from trending movies and videos of YouTube creators.
  • Amir made an allegation that YouTubers post sympathy content to get views and increase their fan following. To which Carry replied as posting clips from Amir’s Instagram handle where he is seen feeding poor on multiple occasions. Calling it a publicity stunt and to gain followers.
  • Minati also commented on Amir’s lack of knowledge around the topic of the originality of content. Amir said in his IGTV video that, he can claim copyright of YouTube videos which uses TikTokers videos to gain views. Minati asked him to do it fearlessly. (This could be one of the reasons Carry Minati’s TikTok vs YouTube Video got removed)
  • Minati made fun of Amir’s lack of grammar skills and that he cannot address the audience where he slips-off some words in IGTV video. He also joked about his fact that Amir has done his education from Moscow, Russia for six years and calling it a waste.

The roast video is still available on YouTube. Fans had already downloaded the video and now posted it on YouTube after the incident. You can watch one right here.

Will YouTube vs TikTok The End Get Restored to YouTube?

The possibility of this outcome is half-half. We cannot say for sure that YouTube will restore the video to its database and that it will be live again.

However, if Carry can prove that it was a stunt organized by exploiting the audience mentality to mass report the content inappropriate. Then there are chances that Carry can regain the rights of his content and put it back live on his YouTube channel. Though the chances of this happening are slim.

Has This Incident Happened Before to Carry Minati?

The straightforward answer is “NO”. The theme of his channel is roasting celebrities and others, and sometimes situations get too hot to handle. But no-one has reported him before whatsoever.

One such incident happened when Carry went to extreme lengths to roast PewDiePie, releasing a diss track “Bye Bye” and it was reported for an act of harassment.

It clearly shows the level of temperament the creator has. PewDiePie took the roast as an honor from his fellow creators, and on the other hand, the self-proclaimed star Amir lost his temperament and reported the Youtube vs Tiktok video.

The Reply of Carry Minati Over Removal of His YouTube Roast Video

Carryminati has replied via his official Instagram account. Read the reply below:


View this post on Instagram


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Update 2: CarryMinati released a new video asking everyone to stop making assumptions on their own. He also asked everyone to understand the full context of the slangs made by him.

Stay tuned for more news and the latest updates.


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