Home Entertainment Carryminati YouTube vs TikTok Roast Video Went Viral [Watch] & Why Removed: Feud In Detail and Reply of Carry Minati

Carryminati YouTube vs TikTok Roast Video Went Viral [Watch] & Why Removed: Feud In Detail and Reply of Carry Minati

Carryminati YouTube vs TikTok Roast Video Went Viral [Watch] & Why Removed: Feud In Detail and Reply of Carry Minati
YouTube vs TikTok Fight/Feud/War In Detail: Carry Minati's Roast Video Went Viral

CarryMinati: From the past three weeks, there has been an ongoing feud between YouTube vs TikTok users. And it has come at the right time when everyone got bored amidst the Corona Virus outbreak. Many YouTubers have expressed their views on their respective channels. (check: BSEB 10th Result 2020.)


The fight initiated when Elvish Yadav, Youtuber having close to 6 Million Subscribers, targeted the top tier TikTokers in his roast video. Among the ones targeted were Soumya Pikachu, Revolver Rani, Amir Siddiqui, and other famous artists. Yadav has uploaded two videos on this matter, he says there is one more to come in 2 to 3 days. We will be uploading his Youtube vs Tiktok fight video as soon as it drops.

As expected, TikTokers then backfired through their Instagram accounts, posting IGTV videos and calling YouTubers mob mentality and their lack of originality. Ultimately calling their content cringe. Amir Siddiqui posted an IGTV video, you can watch it below.

YouTube community backlashed over his video, as according to creators, it lacked evidence and was rather stupid. Popular YouTube creators then started roasting him one by one.

Among the first ones was Saimon Says, who released an 11 Minute video roasting Amir’s lack of knowledge around the topics he had discussed in his IGTV video like Creative Commons, producing cringe content and running after money rather than spreading information. Watch Saimon’s Response to YouTube vs TikTok fight.

CarryMinati YouTube vs TikTok Roast Video

The entire YouTube fam was waiting for the reply of the Indian Roast God, CarryMinati. After a few days of waiting, he finally published his roast video in which he also targeted Amir Siddiqui’s false accusations and lack of credibility as a content producer. Watch the Carry Minati’s Response to TikTok vs YouTube Issue.

CarryMinati YouTube vs TikTok response proved to be a record-breaking video. It garnered so many likes in just a short span of time (a few hours). It went viral on all social media platforms. The hashtag #CarryMinatiRoast was trending on Twitter on the day of release. It secured 19 Million views in just one day and the like count above 3 Million.

CarryMinati YouTube vs Tiktok Roast video records 66+ Million as of right now and 10+Million likes. He has gained more than 3 Million subscribers since the video came out. According to INFOTONLINE, the list of record broken by CarryMinati TikTok Roast Video are:-

• Fastest Indian Video to 1M likes (2Hrs)
• Fastest Indian Video to 2M likes (5Hrs)
• Fastest Indian Video to 3M likes (9 Hrs)
• Fastest Indian Video to 4M likes (17 Hrs)
• Fastest Indian Video to 5M likes (22 Hrs)
Most Liked Indian Video in first 24 Hours (5.2M)
• 2nd Most Liked Video in the World in first 24 Hours (5.2M)
• 4th Most Liked Indian Video on YouTube
• 2nd Most Commented Indian Video on YouTube (451K)
• Most Comments on a Video in first 24 Hours (451K)
• Most Subscribers Gain in 24 Hours (1.3M)
• 8th Most Viewed Indian Video in first 24 Hours (19.96M)

YouTube vs TikTok Fight/Feud/War In Detail: Carry Minati's Roast Video Went Viral
YouTube vs TikTok Fight/Feud/War In Detail: Carry Minati’s Roast Video Went Viral

Carry goes on to say, “Corona and TikTok are seeds of the same nation – CHINA”. This dialogue keeps appearing in various memes on social media. People supported Carry for roasting the TikTokers community. They made memes to roast TikTokers themselves. You can find some below here.

Ajey Nagar, the owner of CarryMinati, uses explicit language in his content. This time also he used harsh language to diss Amir Siddiqui. This got the attention of a popular Bollywood singer Neha Bhasin, who said abuse is not cool. She tweeted:-

Lakshay Chaudhary, another popular YouTuber & Social Influencer, has also published a Youtube vs Tiktok fight/war video in which he aims at Amir and other tiktokers calling them false social influencers. As of right now, he has published 3 TikTok vs YouTube videos. He often calls TikTok KENSAR (slang word for Cancer). You can watch the video below.

Other famous YouTubers, who do not even run a roast channel, also came to support their YouTube colleagues. Creators like Flying Beast (Gaurav Tanjea), Mumbiker Nikhil, MSK (Salim Khan), etc. also uploaded videos regarding the YouTube vs Tiktok war.

Memes resurfacing on the internet about YouTube vs Tik tok feud.

YouTube vs Tik Tok – Which One is Better?

They said a large chunk of TikTok content is crap and not original. TikTokers upload lip-synched videos of popular songs from media houses T-Series, YRF etc and call their content original. Which holds no water as YouTubers put in a lot of effort to make their videos worth watching.

They put immense efforts to keep the audience engaged during the 10 minutes (average) videos length rather than 15 or 20 seconds on TikTok. Needless to say, YouTube provides valuable information in all aspects be it Entertainment or Education. While on the other hand, TikTok is just a medium to entertain ourselves.

The user engagement has grown by leaps and bounds on TikTok during the COVID-19 pandemic. People get bored and Tiktok provides an easy platform to become a creator, make videos to entertain themselves and get famous.

To do the same on YouTube, one has to follow strict rules to become a creator. Keeping in mind to not use any copyrighted content, otherwise, their channel may get suspended by the YouTube officials. Not the case on TikTok, creators can use copyrighted music, movie dialogues, and their own vocals too (though not many do it) to create a video.

To produce original, raw quality and unique content is a tough job. And this is why the YouTube community is raging over TikTokers. Any popular TikToker has a following of at least 10+ Million, and to reach this amount of subscribers on YouTube. It requires lots of hard work and probably a great deal of time, except if you are Amit Bhadana who crossed Million Subscribers in Just 2 months.

One thing we can say though, the fights between YouTube creators go ugly, leaving no words to curse each other. The matter gets heated up so much that some YouTube does not speak with each which once were good friends, i.e., Mumbiker Nikhil and UrIndianconsumer.

TikTokers live peacefully with each other. No such event has yet been reported.

The TikTok vs YouTube war fight/feud has been going on since long, it dates back to when the Chinese video-sharing platform rose to fame in India. Where any person with good looks could become famous and they did not need to write scripts, they just had to do the lip-synching and just wait and watch.

Carryminati’s Reply On YouTube Removing His YouTube vs Tiktok Roast Video


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Update 2: Carry Minati shared a new video on his YouTube channel revealing why his last video was taken down. He asked everyone to stop making assumptions before understanding the full context.

What do you have to say about the YouTube vs Tik Tok war? Will it go on or stop soon? Stay tuned to find out more.


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