Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th June 2016: Bindu and Dharma think about the marriage of their sons

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th June 2016: about called Ashoka a Dasi putra and held him from behind. Ashoka pushed him angrily. They were fighting. Siamak was happy to saw them. He thinks that it would be good if both of them would kill each other.

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Bindu came there and ordered them to stop. He said to them that his two sons were fighting for power. He said he could not bear it in Patliputra. He said that if one of them would die then he would announce death penalty for other. Everyone became shocked.

Bindu said that he would not allow anyone to spare Magadh. He said that both mothers would assure that her son would not do anything wrong. He said to Charu to make sure that Ashoka should not be harmed due to Sushim. He said to Dharma to be controlled on Ashoka.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th June 2016
Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th June 2016

Sushim got angry to Bindu. Everyone went inside except Charu and Bindu. Bindu said to Charu to sleep. She got hurt and became sad. Bindu said he would divide the responsibilities between his sons. Dharma came there and said there should be someone to keep calm for the sons. Bindu liked her advice.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th June 2016 Written Updates

He said that he would send the invitation to all kings with their daughters. He said it was a good time for the marriage of the sons. He asked Dharma that if she was thinking of someone. Dharma took Kaurvaki’s name for Ashoka.

Bindu said that their relation with Kalinga was not good. Dharma said that Kaurvaki helped Ashoka in all his work and she could calm him. Bindu said ok, he would send the invitation to Kalinga also. He praised Dharma for her advice. They hugged to each other.

In the courtroom, Mahamtya said that Nirankush could not come here because he was going for his work for 4 days. Bindu said that they could not wait for him. He said that who was he? Which was doing rule behind of him? Siamak said it may be Ashoka’s imagination about Gondna.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th June 2016

Radha Gupta said that his spy found that there was really someone named Gondna who was taking tax from citizens. Bindu said that if Ashoka and Radha Gupta saying that then it could not be an imagination. Bindu said how Mahamatya could not find anything about Gondna? Ashoka said maybe he was protecting someone.

Bindu said who was he? Where he came from? Radha gupta said that he was staying in the dark. Gondna was sat on the chair. Uttar and Dakshim told him about the amount of tax. Gondna said that he would kill Ashoka and the entire family.

Bindu thinks how Gondna becomes active in Magadh against of him. He asked to Sushim. Sushim said that show him some proof. Ashoka said that he would not divert from his aim. Siamak argued with him. Bindu stopped them.

Will Ashoka find out Gondna?

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