Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2016: Tanu and Nikhil prove that Pragya is having affair and Abhi also believes this

Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2016: The episode starts with Tanu asking about Champak and Pragya. She says Pragya is Chapmak’s girlfriend. He says he don’t know her. Pragya says so Tanu are lieing. Tanu says he is a big liar. She asks him than why he came here and danced with her.

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She asks who called you then. She says you go as uninvited guest everywhere. She asks if he got an answer. Tanu says he is lying to save her girlfriend Pragya. Champak says his name is Champak Trivedi. She says this name was written on the bouquet.

Pragya says Abhi bought it for me. She says he didn’t. He was also shocked to get the letters of his name on all bouquets. Pragya gets shocked. Tanu and Nikhil smirks. Abhi stands silently there. Tanu asks Champak that he wrote those letters. Pragya asks her to shut up.

Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2016
Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2016

She says you are doing all this to trap me and you are lieing. Tanu says I don’t lie always I might have lied before but this time this is the truth. Pragya says all this doesn’t prove my love for him. She says he bought the bouquet and danced with me forcibly.

Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2016 Written Updates

Tanu says but I have proof against you. She says I will show to everyone that you are having an affair with him. She brings morphed photos of Champak and Pragya together and shows to everyone.

Pragya says I never met him. Nikhil says I gave this photos to Tanu as I can’t see Abhi’s life getting ruined like this. Tanu says after all this was for the sake of Mehra family’s reputation. She says and also our Sati Savitri.

Aakash takes Nikhil to a corner and asks him to tell that it is their conspiracy against Pragya. He asks this is not true. Rachna says I saw you laughing when Tanu was assaulting Pragya. Nikhil says go and hear about Pragya’s affair. Aakash says I will throw you out of here.

Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2016
Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2016

Nikhil says don’t you dare to fly high in anger as I will file a case of assault against you. Aakash says he will not spare him. Nikhil says go from here else I will tell everyone that you knew about Pragya’s affair.

Aakash gets helpless. Rachna asks him to leave and think about Pragya first. Pragya tells that she has never been with him. She asks Champak to tell everyone that she never met him. Champak says why are you lying. He says I am shocked.

He says you didn’t invited me but I still came for you as you said we are life partners since our birth. Pragya shocks. He says you always talk to me so romantically but why are you doing this now.

Pragya says I don’t even know him. She asks Abhi to say something. She says you silence is thrilling me. She says I can conquer the world if you are with me but I will lose everything if you aren’t. She says I never broke your trust and never thought of cheating you.

You should says something atleast. Abhi says I did all the decorations to propose you. He says i thought you might have changed and will accept my love. He says although you took all my money but I still loved you. Tanu says she just used his money and chested him.

She says Pragya has broken Abhi mentally and economically. She says you don’t deserve to be here in this house and asks her to leave immediately. Pragya says Abhi look into my eyes and then say that I can chest you.

Abhi looks in her eyes and says yes you had cheated me and having an affair. Nikhil and Tanu smirk. Pragya gets shocked. Tanu says what else you need as a proof now. She says Abhi told this with his heart. She says you are reacting like we all are liers here.

She says yes you all are lieing as I always loved my Abhi and he also loves me and cared me too much. Abhi is about to slap Pragya but Dadi stops him. Abhi leaves from there. Pragya falls down and starts crying badly.

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