Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 17th March 2016: Ashoka runs out from cell to prove him innocent

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 17th March 2016: Ashoka says it was a mistake he want to see Drupad last time. The soldiers tied his hands and locks Ashoka in a shell. He requested them to see his brother last time. He is innocent. Sushim meets the Tantrik and says he failed. Samraat is alive.

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 17th March 2016
Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 17th March 2016

Tantrik says Drupad was the Samraat at that day. So he has died. If you have any doubt on him then you will die. He again says that we are one together. The blood that comes out from your mouth, it was mine.

Dharma says Bindu Is he really thinks that Ashoka can do this. Bindu says Drupad is hit by the arrow of Ashoka only. But Dharma says she knows him very well. Bindu says If he is innocent then why he asked me to make him Yuvraj.

Dharma says it was the wish of Acharya Chankya. Bindu says that he cannot forgive Ashoka. Then a soldier comes there and says Bindu about Ashoka’s wish to see Drupad last time. Subhrasi comes and cries in front of Drupad.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 17th March 2016 Written Updates

Dharma comes there but Subhrasi says to leave from there. Dharma becomes sad. Soldiers bring Ashoka to see him Drupad. Ashoka starts crying. Sushim said Drupad was not aware for right people and he had to pay for it.

Everyone is in shock then Kaurvaki looks at Drupad and noticed that his body has started to become black. She thinks how can a body become black after hitting by an arrow? Is there something wrong? The soldiers take Ashoka from there.

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 17th March 2016
Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 17th March 2016

Bindu is in great pain for light the pyre of his son. Helena thinks it’s just beginning Samraat. He will be alone in the last time .Kaurvaki meets her father and says about the condition of Drupad. She says That arrow is not of Ashoka .Her father knows she is in favour of Ashoka. She says it is not the end. She will prove Ashoka innocent and she knows someone who can help her. She meets with Nayak and planned to move Ashoka out of the cell.

Ashoka is in the cell and thinks he can’t live with this guilt. He loved Drupad so much. Kaurvaki comes there to eat Ashoka food. She gives a special paan to all soldiers. They all eat that and become unconscious.

Nayak fights with other soldiers which come from outside. Kaurvaki says Ashoka to come out with her but he refused to her. Kuarvaki tells him that, That arrow has some poison which hit Drupad. Ashoka remembered that he had kissed that arrow at that time.

She says if he wants to prove himself innocent then he should come out firstly. There is someone who wants to trap him. One soldier rings the bell and everyone founds that Ashoka is missing from cell. Indarjeet tells he has put poison on the arrow but Sushim shuts him. Bindu becomes angry to know about Ashoka’s missing.

Kaurvaki and Ashoka reached to archery site and searched for that arrow. She says it is risky for him. He says he has no other chance. Siamak comes to find them but they leave at that time. Radha Gupta thinks Ashoka is not on right way. Sushim goes to search for him but they leave. Ashoka sees that arrow which is strike by that wall. He becomes shocked to see Bindu is there. Bindu looks at him angrily.

In the courtroom, Dharma remembers Acharya Chankya to save Ashoka. Helena says Ashoka run from cell and it is proved that he is culprit. Bindu says he will come back soon but Sushim asks him how can you say this? In the flashback, Bindu feels that Ashoka has shown shame for all this.

Ashoka says to give him a chance to prove innocent. He asks for give him 3 hours. He swears his mother. Sushim asked Bindu how he can trust on him. Bindu asks to wait for him till the time given by him.

Will Ashoka prove innocent to himself?

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