Siya Ke Ram 17th March 2016: Ram tells everyone about Bharat’s Raj Tilak and his 14 years Vanvas

Siya Ke Ram 17th March 2016: Ram comes in Sabhagrah and stops his Rajtilak, Everyone becomes shocked. Gurudev asks Ram what he is doing. Ram said to every minister that due to some reason raj tilak is postponed. Luxman said what happened.

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Siya Ke Ram 17th March 2016
Siya Ke Ram 17th March 2016

Is there any problem or some danger on Ayodhya. Ram said no, there is no problem. But Rajtilak would not happen at this moment. Luxman says it is also a big problem. Ram requested everyone to left the Sabhagrah.

Kaushalya asked Ram why Maharaja had stopped your Rajtilak. Ram said becoming king is not in his fate. Kaushlya asked then what is in your fate. Ram says to go for 14 years Vanvas.  Everyone is shocked. Sumitra asked if you would not become king then who will take care of Ayodha. Ram said his lovely brother Bharat will become the king of Ayodha.

Siya Ke Ram 17th March 2016 Written Updates

Luxman says no one can take the place of Ram. Ram says that he wants everyone to accept this decision. Guru vashists says who will inform to Praja about this bad news. Ram says that he will inform to praja. Ram goes out to meet Praja. Sita follows him.

Ram said to Praja that he know that you all are waiting for many years for his rajtilak, but due to some reason he will not become king. Parja is shocked after hearing this bad news. Ram says a crown is not necessary to do good acts. Ram requested all the praja to return their homes now. The people started crying.

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Siya Ke Ram 17th March 2016

Surpankha gets shocked when she sees the dead body of Vidyutjeeva. She says that no one can kill Vidyutjeeva in this world. Then who killed him and start crying. Dannav says it’s her brother Ravan who has killed Vidyutjeeva and has made you a widow. Surpankha became angry and said she would never forget Ravan for this.

Kaikeyi said Dashrath to gets up and start the preparation for Bharat’s Rajya Abhishek. Dashrath said Kaikeyi that you did not have heart. There is a stone in place of heart, she is a selfish mother. He brakes his relationship with her.

Sumitra says to Kaushalya that Kaikeyi did not come in Rajtilak. There must be some reason behind this.  Kaushlya says why Kaikeyi do this. Sumitra answers that she does not know the reason for this. But she feels that only Kaikeyi can do that.

Dasharath said to Kaikeyi that he will not fulfill his promise.  He would not care if anyone called him promise braker. He would stop Ram to go to vanvas. He would change Raghukul’s tradition and leaves the kumbh bhavan.

What will Dasharath do to stop Ram’s Vanvas?

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