Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 18th March 2016: Ashoka takes proof about Drupad’s death

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 18th March 2016: Shubhrasi  is in the pain of Drupad’s death. Ashoka comes there but she says to leave from there to him. He says he will find out the real criminal of Drupad. He knees down in front of her. He will do justice with Drupad. In the Rajdarbar, the time is going and Mahamatya is worried for this.

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 18th March 2016
Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 18th March 2016

They heard a bell. Ashoka and Kuaurvaki come there. Bindu says he is happy to see him there. He says he has fear about him to put his name in ashamed people. Ashoka says he can never do this. Sushim, Helena, Siamak says Bindu to punish Ashoka but Bindu gives him a chance to say something in his favour.

He says he has sworn to mother that if he does not prove himself innocent then he will ready for punishment.  Bindu says he is disappointed to see him without proof. Ashoka says everyone calls him Dasiputra. No one accepts him as a son then everyone was quiet.

Bindu gets angry after that he moves towards Ashoka to sword him then Ashoka holds his sword in his hands. Ashoka says him if he wants to kill him then plz shoot me by this arrow. He sees an arrow to him. He says Drupad is killed by this arrow.

Bindu moves back with his sword and covered it with his sheath. Bindu takes his bow and arrow from Ashoka and ready to shoot him then Dharma tries to stop him but Ashoka says her not to stop Samraat.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 18th March 2016 Written Updates

Bindu shoots the arrow but the arrow goes on other direction. Bindu is shocked to see this. Ashoka picks up that arrow and shows it to Bindu. Bindu says what it means. Ashoka says it is not an ordinary arrow. It is that arrow by which he has shot yesterday.

Radha Gupta says what he wants to say clearly. Ashoka says someone from our family wants to kill Samraat by me. When he shots this arrow, it goes on direction. Sushim says he wants to change the topic but Bindu says to Sushim that he should complete his explanation.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 18th March 2016

Ashoka says no one was in his favour at that time. Only Kuarvaki sees something in Drupad and helped him completely. Ashoka says he has no proof at that time but then he knows everything. Sushim asks him if he knows about the killer. Ashoka says to do wait for this.

He will tell everything today. He said he had gone to the weapon’s room. In the flashback, an expert tells him, that arrow is not an ordinary arrow and is not made in Magadh. It is made outside India only.

Ashoka says to Bindu that the arrow is made in Unan. Everyone looks towards Helena. She says are you have proof for this? Ashoka says when he went to weapon’s room he saw an arrow, which hit Drupad at that time. Rajvaid tells him that the entire arrow is poisonous.

He calls Rajvaid in Rajdarbar. Rajvaid says same thing in Rajdarbar. This arrow is made in Unan and used here. Everyone looks towards Helena. Siamak is also tensed after knows everything.

Will Ashoka find the real culprit of Drupad’s death?

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