Siya Ke Ram 21st March 2016: Ram gets ready for Vanvas

Siya Ke Ram 21st March 2016: The last episode showed that Sumitra and Kaushlya try to stop Sita to go to Vanvas. They don’t give her permission to go to Vanvas. But Sita recalls them her wife duty and leaves.

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Siya Ke Ram 21st March 2016
Siya Ke Ram 21st March 2016

Kaushlya makes a plan to stop Ram and Sita to go to Vanvas. Kaushlya sends Bharat’s Wife Mandvi to meet with Kaikeyi and force Kaikeyi to take her decision back. Mandvi comes to meet with Kaikeyi. Mantra said Maharani Mandvi ki Jai.

Mantra said to Kaikeyi to see her bahu. Mandvi said to Kaikeyi do you know how Bharat would react when he came to know your decision. I think he can’t happy on this decision. Kaikeyi said to her do you come here to change my decision.

Mandvi says no. I only want that you should talk to Bharat before taking any decision. Mandvi cries and leaves. Mantra said to Kaikeyi that Kaushlya had sent Mandvi to change her decision. She says it can be possible that Praja will refuse Bharat to make him king. Kaikeyi said that she will not let this happen.

Siya Ke Ram 21st March 2016 Written Updates

Kaikeyi went into Dasharath’s Kaksh and said Ram. Dasharath becomes angry seeing her. Dasharath said to her no need to show fake sympathy. Kaikeyi says that she has come here to remind her promise. She wants Ram go to Vanvas today. Dasharath said that he breaks her relation with her and calls Guards and said them to take away Kaikeyi.

Ram goes near the Kaikeyi and holds her hands and said forgive him. Dasharath is not fine. So don’t feel bad about his words. I will leave today. Dasharath said to Ram to stop and say no need to go anywhere for this women.

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Siya Ke Ram 21st March 2016

Ram comes outside the Kaksh and stops seeing Sita. Sita and Ram walk together and a song is started in the background. Ram sits on the floor and two servants’ starts removing her jewelry. Sita takes cloth for Ram. It is very painful for Sita. The song started again in the background.

The servant leaves the Kaksh and shut the door. Sita prepares Ram for Vanvas. At kaikeya Bharat feels bad and thinks something bad happened. Sita wears the ordinary clothes to Ram. She also wears ordinary beads accessories to Ram. A song started again in the background. Sita starts crying. Ram feels the pain to see her condition.

Sita wears Ram a bead necklace and earring. She also fixes Ram’s hairs also. Ram becomes ready for Vanvas. Ram leaves the place. Sita starts crying. She feels each step making by Ram take Ram very far away from her.

Will Ram leave for Vanvas without Sita?

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