Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 19th August 2016: Ashoka defeats Vikatkura

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 19th August 2016: Rajsabha started. Bindusar asked Dharma to tell why she did this. Dharma said that she knew very well that if Ashoka came to know about war then he would go to war leaving his marriage. Charumitra said to Dharma who gave her permission to do all this. Bindusar said that he gave her permission.

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Charumitra shocked to know this. Bindusar said that he proud on Dharma she save the life of many innocent people but who would fight with Vikatkura. Ashoka said he would fight with Vikatkura. Kaurvaki said to Devi that she want to talk to Ashoka before the fight.

Devi stopped her and said that she could not meet Ashoka before marriage. Devi said to Dharma that she would talk to him and tell her about him. Ashoka became ready for the fight. Dharma did tilak to Ashoka. Ashok asked Dharma why she was so happy.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 19th August 2016

Dharma said to Ashoka that in future Kaurvaki would do his Tilak. Devi came there and said that she came there to give her best wishes to Ashoka. Dharma said to Devi to do tilak of Ashoka. Kaurvaki came there by hiding her face and said that now she could not be able to see Ashoka’s face.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 19th August 2016 Written Updates

Kaurvaki said to Dharma that she wanted to tie Raksha sutra on Ashoka’s hand. Bindusar came there and gave permission to Kaurvaki. Kaurvaki tied Raksha sutra on Ashoka’s hand. Dharma said to Devi to tie one more Rakshasutra on his hand for double protection. Devi did it.

A soldier came there and said to Bindusar that Vikatkura wanted permission to come into Patliputra. Bindusar said to Soldier to give permission to Vikatkura. Vikatkura entered into Patliputra. Jagannath said that Vikatkura was very dangerous he firstly cut the neck of his enemy and then drink his blood.

He also said that Dharma herself choose death for her son how a mother could do that. Dharma said to Jagannath that Ashoka will show that whether she took right decision or wrong. Ashoka and Vikatkura’s fight started. Vikatkura threw his net on Ashoka. Ashoka caught into a trap.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 19th August 2016
Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 19th August 2016

Ashoka tried to come out from trap but he was not able to do that. Vikatkira attacked Ashoka. Ashoka fell down on ground. VikatKura again came to attack Ashoka but Ashoka attacked back on him Vikatkura fell down on ground. Ashoka came out from the trap.

Vikatkura attacked Ashoka with a sword but Ashoka had saved himself. Vikatkura said to Ashoka that what would happen to his mother if he died. Ashoka became angry to listen to this and killed Vikatkura. Everybody became happy to see that and cheered for Ashoka.

What prize Bindusar will give to Ashoka?

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