Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 23rd March 2016: Helena doesn’t tell the other culprits of Drupad’s death

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 23rd March 2016: Ashoka says he will do full justice with Drupad. He says it’s not easy to punish our own loved ones. Kaurvaki talks to Dharma. Dharma says to her that she had always trusted in Ashoka. She says she is his mother but she can’t help Ashoka.

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 23rd March 2016
Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 23rd March 2016

She says to Kaurvaki that she will remain with him in whole life. Kaurvaki smiles and leave from there.  Her father come there and says to Dharma that what is the mean of all this? Dharma says she doesn’t know but she will prove this thing. Ashoka listened everything and thinks firstly he will complete his mission.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 23rd March 2016 Written Updates

Rajvaid gives Ashoka the ashes of Drupad. He takes it with tears. He grows a plant and put the ashes into the soil. He says this plant will remember him about his mission. He says this plant feels him the presence of Drupad.

Bindu and Dharma talked to each other in their room. Bindu says how his own family can cheat him. He says that he thought Rajmata as devi of whole Magadh but how she can cheat with everybody? He says his wife Noor also left him. He said he was hurtled to blame Ashok as a culprit. He did not believe him. He was hurtled for this. He says he can’t bear all this.

Sushim says to Charu that Rajamata is in the control of Tantrik .Ashoka says to Sushim that he knows he is involved in the plane of Rajmata. Ashoka says he will punish him for all this. Ashoka says to Sushim that Rajmata will take his name tomorrow in Rajdarabr. Ashoka says he is sure that he will be punished tomorrow.

Mahamatya says it is not easy to meet with Rajmata into the cell. Ashoka made special arrangement for the security of her. Sushim says they can not be saved if they will not meet her. Mahamatya says there is only one way to meet with her. He calls Shursen and gives money to him. Shursen says they can meet her when the soldiers will go for their meal.

The soldiers went and Charu and Sushim walked inside by covering their mouth. Helena wakes up in the cell and looked surprisingly to herself. She says how she can here? She recalls all previous things.

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 23rd March 2016

Charu and Sushim entered into the cell. Charu tells her that she was in control of tantrik. She accepted that she made a plan to kill Samraat. Helena says to Charu how they are free? Helena says she will take their name tomorrow and also punish them by Samraat. Sushim sees her that cloth of Siamak which has blooded.

Charu says they will kill Siamak if she took their name tomorrow and they will take care of Siamak if she will save them. Helena laughs to hear all this and says she doesn’t believe in them. She says she will surely take their names in the Rajdarbar. Charu tries to hold her neck but stops suddenly. Charu and Sushim went out from there.

In the Rajdarbar, all gathered there. Bindu asked Helena who is involved with her in the plan. She says she is not alone. She points out all family members one by one. She laughs and says to Bindu that it is not easy to sit on this place. Many members are against of him. At last, she says that she is alone in this plan. Ashoka gets shocked and says her that why is she telling the lie? He says to her that her punishment is final but before that she should tell the name of all culprits. He takes the name of Sushim.

Will Ashoka prove Sushim’s plan?

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