National Puppy Day 2016: Here are some interesting facts you must know

National Puppy Day 2016: The day dedicated for the caring of dogs has arrived. It is observed to be celebrated on 22nd and 23rd of March, depending upon different regions. This day has been now considered as an international day. On this day, people save orphaned puppies and spread awareness about the caring of these creatures.

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National Puppy Day 2016

From the year 2006, the day is special for the large number of puppies who got caring humans and a good house to live their life. This is the tenth anniversary and you must make some efforts for orphaned beautiful puppies.

In this articles, we have shared several beautiful pictures, a video and some interesting facts about the day below.

National Puppy Day 2016 Facts

  • This is the celebration of the Unconditional love arrived at home because of puppies. This is so because the dogs are the ones who are considered to be the best friends of humans. This day is to celebrate the joy and how the dogs have changed their lives.

National Puppy Day 2016

  • This first dog on earth was lived over 31, 700 years ago. In the year 2008, the scientist has discovered the first known dog has the large and big teeth live on the meat of the horse, musk ox, and reindeer.
  • The founder of the day is Colleen Paige. She is a pet expert as per the official sources and has done many beautiful works for pets and human lifestyles.
  • The celebrities have shared the images with their dogs on this special day. The social media is full of pictures with their dogs.

National Puppy Day 2016

  • The official website for the day features 50 ways for the celebration. It also has some more interesting facts and the tells the love, appreciation and awareness of dogs.

Go head, and give a home to an orphaned puppy and have some contribution on this special day for dogs.

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