Chandrakanta 14th January 2018 Written Update (Colors TV): Veer’s Kidnapper’s Identity Revealed

Chandrakanta 14th January 2018: Tez in guise of Trinami came there. Iravati could not recognize him. Iravati asked him for a fight. Trinami said that before fight he wanted to see her something. He saw to her a pot in which her devil son
Swayam was caught. Chandarkanta was in search of Veer. She was calling his name loudly.

Veer was into a dark well. He tried to come upward from the well but the kidnapper pushed him downward into well. Veer started screaming. Chandarkanta heard Veer's voice. She started following the voice of Veer. The kidnapper revealed his identity. He was Dhruv. He saw Chandarkanta coming towards well. So he covered the well with his magic.

Chandrakanta 14th January 2018

Chandarkanta came there. She asked to Dhruv what he was doing there. He told lie to her that he was searching Veer there. Iravati said to Trinami to get Swayam free from the pot. She said that if he did not get Swayam free from the pot then she would kill him. She did some magic to harm Trinami but she failed in this.

The Trinami said to Praja that Iravati was not the right queen for them as she wanted to get Swayam who is a devil free from pot. Praja started cursing Iravati. Iravati said to Trinami that she would do as he would ask her. The Trinami said to Iravati to get Praja free from all taxes and to pay them all 500 coins to each and she had to do promise that she would keep her devil son Swayam away from the Praja.

If she would do this, then all her Praja would respect her and celebrate it with a festival. Chandarkanta came to know about Trinami. She thought that she had to meet to him to find Veer. A tiger came there to harm her. But she did some magic and the tiger ran away.

Chandrakanta 14th January 2018
Chandrakanta 14th January 2018

Dhruv came there. He did magic on her and Chandarkanta became unconscious. He put Chandarkanta into same well in which Veer was placed. Iravati said to Gehna that time has come to use the power of jadui khanjar. She said that she would use jadui khanjar against the Trinami who had challenged her. She took khanjar and started cutting the trees.

A soul came from the tree and entered into Iravati’s body. The soul said to Gehna to give a sacrifice of the life of a Shahi person and place her soul into a dead body. The soul came out of the body of Iravati. Iravati asked to Gehna what the soul told her. Gehna told her whatever the soul had asked her to do.

Iravati said that they would sacrifice the life of Nishi and place her soul into BhadrMaa so that BhadrMaa could become mentally fit. Chandarkanta and Veer was into well. Veer said to her that he had doubt that she or Dhruv had kidnapped him there. Chandarkanta told him that Dhruv pushed her into well. She said to him that his mother had done all this.

Chandrakanta 14th January 2018
Chandrakanta 14th Jan 2018

Veer said to her not to blame his mother. Dhruv was in the temple. He was worshipping lord Vishnu. He said that he would get success in his mission soon. An Aghori came there and told him that he could not touch Jadui Khanjar and only Chandarkanata could get that khanjar. Dhruv said that she would get the khanjar for him.

Iravati made a plan to kill Nishi because she wanted to sacrifice her life and transfer her soul into BhadrMaa. She prepared a poisonous drink. Iravati invited all her Praja to festival. When all were celebrating the festival. Gehna gave that poisonous drink to Nishi.

It started raining and the well filled with water. Chandarkanta and Veer came out of the well with a rope. In doing so, Veer's pukhraj got free from his hand and he got free from the control of Iravati.

Chandrakanta 14th January 2018
Chandrakanta 14th January 2018

Chandarkanta got that pukhraj. Veer heard the voice of festival and came to the festival. Veer came to Umang and took him with him. Chandarkanta also came to the festival following Veer. She changed her guise and started searching Veer in the festival.

Will Tez succeed in his plan?

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