Coronavirus News: Type O Blood Group less susceptible to COVID-19 as per studies

Coronavirus News: Type O Blood Group less susceptible to COVID-19 as per studies

Is it true that the type O blood group is less susceptible to COVID-19? Well, we have seen that the people who are infected with coronavirus, some of them experience severe health conditions that they even need ventilators.

While some of them recover from the disease very easily with a moderate level of symptoms. Apart from them, there are rare cases in which the person unknowingly infects with the virus recovers without any symptoms.

Now, how is that possible, there should be something different from those people who are experiencing less or moderate effects after infecting from coronavirus.

The answer is available in the report published by Bloomberg of The23andMe study. The study is conducted by looking at susceptibility, not severity. It included 10,000 COVID-19 participants.

The research concluded that people having type O blood groups are 9-18% less likely to have a positive test for coronavirus than other blood types.

Previous reports having 750,000 already been suggesting that the type O blood group has protection against SARS-CoV-2. SARS-CoV-2 is a virus that causes COVID-19.

When we consider study for the blood types other than O group, there is hardly any difference. Moreover, the researcher also collected data from the people of various ages, pre-existing ailments, and have high exposure to the virus, the reports are saying the same thing.

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Does the Type O blood group experience less severity from COVID-19?

Dr. KK Agarwal, the cardiologist says, “Whenever there is a new disease like the novel coronavirus, people begin to find a link between the infection and the blood group.”

“But such studies can’t be used as evidence because the data of 750,000 people (used by 23andMe) is not enough to prove anything, given the population of the country. These are just observation studies and not medical facts,” he added.

Till now, three studies concluded that people with type O blood group has some sort of protection against coronavirus.

But as per the doctors, it doesn’t mean the O blood group people don’t need any precaution. The safety measures are must regardless of blood type.

Other studies said that peoples with ‘A’ blood group will have more chances of getting respiratory illness due to the virus. But there are cases with that group that doesn’t need any ventilator to recover.

Moreover, some cases with O blood group are reported to experience respiratory emergencies after infecting from the virus.

So, there is no hard and fast rule to know who will experience severe conditions after infecting from the virus.

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