Danmachi Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers, and Everything you need to know

Danmachi Season 2 Release Date: In April 2014 Danmachi Puts its first step on the screen. The novel based on this anime is written by Fujino Omori. In its first season, it delivers 13 amazing episodes.  “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in the Dungeon?” this is the other name of this anime from which it is mainly known.

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This show grabs a lot of fans and ratings in its first instalment. That’s fans are eagerly looking for the upcoming of season 2. The premiere of Japanese release was confirmed in 2017 but there is no news for US release of the anime. Orario is the country where the whole set is plotted.

Danmachi Season 2 Release Date

It contains a place in it called the dungeon. It is a place where a monster like goblins and dragons lives. Adventures are supposed to defeat them in order to earn shards. These shards can be exchanged with the currency. Adventurers are categorized according to their skills and experience.

Danmachi Season 2 Release Date

The story revolves around Bell Cranel. He is the only member left in Hestia family. He works in the dungeon and as the story progress, many peoples along with some girls start developing affection for him. Recently a trailer releases regarding “DanMachi Season 2”.

The trailer was launch in April 2017 which ultimately confirms its upcoming. After that in April season, 1 was released in Japan but there are no updates on the US release. J.C. staff studio clears it that there will be no release outside the country.

The studio said that the release date of US release was on April 13, 2017. But due to some reason, Crunchyroll becomes unavailable to simulcast it for English audience. Trailers suggest that the second part is some or more different from the first one. As in this Bell Cranel will not play a main part of anime.

It has been replaced by word Princess Wiz Wallenstein. A new character  Lefiva will be introduced this time. As the first part wasn’t revealed very much but it is pretty much sure that Lefiya can use a skill “Tempest.” She is allowed to share this skill with other too through some magic.

This is all for season 2. We will update you with the release date as soon as it announced.

Stay tuned with TCD! for more news.

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