Danny Duncan Mocks TikTokers In Latest Tweet: Says “Being A TikToker” Will Sound Whack

Danny Duncan TikTok Tweet
Danny Duncan TikTok Tweet

Danny Duncan has posted a tweet mocking TikTokers, he thinks it will sound so whack to be called a “TikToker”. The popular YouTuber has come under the fire following the controversial tweet.

On July 8, Danny took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the popular short video-sharing platform.

TikTok drama is fuming-up in the United States for the past week. Popular TikTokers such as Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, Chase Hudson, etc., have been the major headlines in the entertainment industry for false rumours and releasing controversial statements about each other.

Danny Duncan Tweet on TikTok

Danny Duncan has probably shared his thoughts on TikTok after getting frustrated from all the hype and drama. He said being a YouTuber sounded so whack in the past, “Imagine being a TikToker.” The entire tweet read:-

“I remember when I thought being called a YouTubers sounded so whack… imagine being called a TikToker.”

The tweet currently records 250 re-tweets and 3.1K likes.

People’s Reaction on Danny Duncan Tweet

The comment section reveals mixed responses from the audience. Some have agreed to his statement while some have backfired straight at the American YouTuber.

One user wrote: “Imagine being the girl who sends @DannyDuncan69 a pic of your bo*bs with his name on it, and not being able to delete it because it’s on Twitter.”

Danny Duncan TikTok Tweet
Danny Duncan TikTok Tweet

Another user slammed him for being a baby and not knowing anything about TikTok, “hey Danny do you know a baby named Aaron? he is always at my daycare screaming that he’s not a baby.”

A user made fun of his content, saying it is monotonous and boring to watch, “Only @DannyDuncan69 can hit a ball at a window for 15 minutes and make it entertaining.”

On the other hand, few people have agreed to the statement. People commented, “Tbh ur the best,” and “LMFAOO Your just speaking the truth.”

TikTok Getting Banned – A U.S. personnel has stated that the government might decide to ban TikTok in the upcoming days. The social media platform has been banned by India for security concerns and data breaches.

Danny Duncan has 4.4 million subscribers on his YouTuber channel. He rose to fame by posting funny videos on his channel. Nowadays, the star posts prank videos, funny DIY projects videos, etc.

What do you think about Dunny Duncan’s Tweet about TikTokers? Did he mock the TikTokers? Tell us in the comment section.

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