Death Sentence to Two Murderers of Bangladesh Blogger

Death Sentence to Two Murderers of Bangladesh Blogger: On Thursday, the Bangladesh court decided to sentence of death to two men for assassinating the murder of secular blogger in 2013, this is the first time for anyone is punished after committing multiple killings. Ahmed Rajib of 35 year age was murdered in February 2013 after an attack by machete-welding. The attackers set the target for killing these writers.

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Protest for the safety of Bangla Bloggers
Protest for the safety of Bangla Bloggers

The court found two students and one man, Maksudul Hasan for the guilty of murder and other 5 suspects were also charged lesser for Haider’s death. Hasan, 23 age, had been sentenced to live imprisonment. One of the two students sentenced in his absent in the court who was attended country’s top university.

The prosecutor Mahbubur Rahman told AFP, “Two students of North South University, Faisal bin Nayem and Rezwanul Azad Rana, were sentenced to death. Rana has been a fugitive since the trial began.”

Rahman also added that the students had been motivated by Jashim Uddin Rahmani, 45 age, firebrand cleric and the same has been sentenced for five years in prison for initiating the murderers.

He also said, “I am not satisfied. The judge said it was a pre-planned murder. They should have been given harsher punishments.”

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Bangladesh Blogger Killer
Bangladesh Blogger Killer

One report revealed that this year 5 more bloggers and writers were killed and the government of Bangladesh in not putting a step forward for the safety of these atheist bloggers.

The police said what Rahman preached that killing of atheist bloggers who protest against Islam was legal.

Nijjam Uddin said AFP, “I am not happy. These people are self-declared killers of my son. Yet not all of them got a death sentence.”

The lawyer of the defendant has said that they would make efforts to file an appeal for the decision of the court. Some big blogger groups and single writers and bloggers want the government to give protection to them.

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