Deepak Chopra’s “The Mindfulness Movement” is out to fight COVID-19 peacefully

Deepak Chopra's

The popular spiritual leader, Deepak Chopra and Jewel, the producers of the documentary, “The Mindfulness Movement” decided to the release the film digitally. Earlier, the scheduled was planned for over 50 theaters of the United States and Canada.

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The documentary is all about how people are experiencing mindfulness which is a peaceful ability of any human beings to develop. It shows that it can achieved by anyone by just simply focusing on the present moment without judging on the basis of past experiences or memories.

Deepak Chopra’s “The Mindfulness Movement” is out to fight COVID-19 peacefully

This digital release will help people across the globe to fight against coronavirus with a peaceful mind. You can get the access of the film at

It may help people to meditate easily and now during lock-down in most of the places on the earth, anyone can watch it. And also implement to create a healthier and happier world for them and people around.

The importance of the documentary has been shared by Chopra on twitter, “Mindfulness can help reduce anxiety in these uncertain times. Please take a moment to visit the site to learn more about this important film.”

Jewel conveyed that majority of symptoms of coronavirus pandemic are due to the anxiety, fear and depression. This film could help reduce those negative aspects and keep the immunity stronger than ever.

Ultimately, this release may help in reducing number of positive cases.

Deepak Chopra is someone who can help you to meditate, make you mind peaceful, and create a healthier life. He wrote several books which made him known figure in the field of alternative medicine.

Philosopher Robert Carroll once writes that, Deepak Chopra integrates Ayurveda with quantum mechanics to give justification for his teachings are alternatives.

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