J Balvin x Air Jordan 1 Release Date Delayed Due To COVID-19

J Balvin x Air Jordan 1 Release Date Delayed Due To COVID-19

Many of the goods releases has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. J Balvin Air Jordan 1 also affected for their release. All of this is happening, as the stores are closed in most of the region.


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Consumers are coming out of their home only for the daily essential products. Not only this the global market is down. Everything is locked for a certain period of time to fight against COVID-19.

J Balvin x Air Jordan 1 Release Date Delayed Due To COVID-19

Most of the biggest releases have been delayed for a period of few weeks and some of them for months. The collaboration of J Balvin with a sneaker actually not know by all publicly. If you are Super Bowl fan, then you might have seen J Balvin wearing his colorful Air Jorndan 1.

This sneaker actually having some unique textures referencing the artist. Balvin revealed the news that the shoe was actually made for public to purchase and wear like a shinning star.

Jordan brand has some awesome plans for the development of the show and the unique release. But we may see the thing around November which means fans have to wait for about seven months.

But all of this that happened is for something good to fight the pandemic. Currently, we just have to stay at home to slow the spread of coronavirus. The virus is on its peak in the United States, we should stay home in the self isolation to fight against this.

This is the only tool we have in the war against coronavirus. It’s very simple but will have great impact on the virus. This pandemic has created history in the human kind of all time.

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