Delhi Corona App Launched by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal: Track Hospital Beds for COVID 19 (Coronavirus) Patients

Delhi Corona App APK Download Link for Android & iOS Devices: How To Use It
Delhi Corona App APK Download Link for Android & iOS Devices: How To Use It

Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi, has released an app ‘Delhi Corona‘ to share details of hospital beds and ventilators available in the city. It promises to ease the treatment procedure as the affected patients and their families do not need to go in person to check the availability of beds and ventilators in different parts of Delhi.

Here, we would like to show you How to Download Delhi Corona App & How to Use It to know vacant hospital beds. The patient’s number in Delhi is increasing since the outbreak of the coronavirus, currently, the tolls have increased close to 20,000 cases. The big numbers concerned the officials and thought it was necessary to provide hassle-free information regarding the treatment.

Delhi Corona App provides the same, an uncomplicated way to know all the details of capital’s hospitals. Earlier people complained about not finding vacant beds and ventilators for the patient. The latest app bridges the gap between hospitals and patients, it provides transparency and instant real-time information.

“In terms of the number of hospitals, beds in there, the ICU facility in those hospitals and how many ventilators are there, this app will fill that gap,” Arvind said during a recent press conference.

How To Download Delhi Corona App: Website Download Link?

Delhi Corona App WhatsApp Download No – +91-8800007722

Android users can directly download it from Play Store, however, the app is available on the platform under the same name. Click on the link to download it – Delhi Corona PlayStore.

Unfortunately, the app was not developed for Apple/iOS Devices. So, Delhi Corona App Download for iOS is not available. Do not worry though, you can access all the details through the official website –

Delhi Coronavirus App is not yet available for feature phones like Jio Phone. Considering a large number of people use simple mobile devices, the government should develop the Delhi Corona App for these devices too. It will be easier for the entire city to view information about nearer hospitals.

How to Use Delhi Corona App

  • No of Occupied and Vacant Beds & Ventilators will be displayed on your screen.
  • Click on the Vacant Beds/Ventilators Link to view more details regarding the hospitals.
Delhi Corona App Launched by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal: Track Hospital Beds for COVID 19 (Coronavirus) Patients 1
Download Delhi Corona App Website Link

Delhi Corona App updates the beds and ventilators information two times in a day, at 10 Am in the morning, and at 6 PM in the evening.

You can also dial the helpline number 1031 to get the same information as you would on the Delhi Corona Application. Dial the same number if any hospital refuses to admit the patient but the website/application shows vacant beds, the special secretary personnel will take immediate action to guarantee the patient’s treatment.

Stay tuned for more updates on Delhi Coronavirus.

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