Delhi NCR Earthquake Today: 4.6 Magnitude Tremors Felt 14KM from Rohtak On May 29

Delhi Earthquake: Shaking of Earth around 9PM IST

Delhi Earthquake Today: The National Center for Seismology (NCS) reported having a 4.6 Richter Scale of quake jolted 16KM away from Rohtak, Haryana at 9:08 pm. The effect of the same is also observed in Delhi.

Last, the capital of India, Delhi, and the nearby region experienced several weak earthquakes in the last month. But that was the time of 2-3 Magnitude of intensity.

On May 15, nature has shaken the capital with a Ritcher scale reading of 2.2. Today, till now, there is no damage report by the NCS. (Also read: 5.7-magnitude earthquake hits off 6km WNW of Lampa, Peru – USGS.)

Delhi Earthquake Today: 4.6 Magnitude Shaking of Earth in Rohtak, Haryana

As per the concerned authority, the NCS, the earthquakes under 5 Magnitude doesn’t cause large scale destruction. Only minor cases may happen in the case of poorly designed buildings and structures. Today, it of 4.6 Magnitude, so, we don’t have to worry much about this.

The region of Rohtak in Haryana doesn’t experience much shaking, the quantity is lower than Delhi but the intensity is higher. In India, the regions are divided into zones by the NCS for classifying the probability of high-intensity earthquakes.

The capital of India comes under Zone IV and as per the NCS, the probability of high-intensity shaking is more in Zone-IV and V.

With this information, it is better to have the proper design and structure of the building to avoid destruction in these regions. And the region of Delhi and nearby also have numerous multi-story buildings and complexes.

So, if you live in Zone IV or V, then make sure to hire a good structural engineer before proceeding for the construction work. After the proper design, the material used should be of top-notch quality for avoiding losses during natural disasters.

The information above is collected from the National Center for Seismology, if you want to know more then you can the official website of it.

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