Attack On Titan Season 4 Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast: When will the new series premiere?

'Attack On Titan Season 4' Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast

Attack on Titan Season 4: Inspired by a manga of Hajime Isayama, the Japanese anime series has secured itself in one of the most popular series across the globe. The manga is also available with the same name. (Also check: Happy Earth Day quotes.)

This year, the viewership for this anime has increased a lot. Though, the first installment has done fabulous at the time of release. It has secured a rating of 8.8/10 on IMDb, 4.7/5 on Crunchyroll, and 8.4/10 on

Season 3 is not the end of the series as we are left with even more questions and suspense. Because of this, the question raised, will the season 4 renew? If yes then what will be the release date?

Attack on Titan Season 4 Trailer

May 29, 2020, Update: The official trailer for the final installment of the anime series released along with the first look poster. You can watch it below.

Officially, there is no trailer available, but here is the teaser showing the announcement of season 4:

We will update this, once the official sources make the trailer public.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Plot

The series is all about the story of Eren Yeager and the war against the titans. Titans are the one who wants to vanish away human beings. As of now, there is nothing confirmed about the plot of season 4 by the officials.

But we can expect a few things based on the original manga series. Now, only the last arc of the manga is left to be covered in anime. It may reveal more cases of human swallowing by the titans across the wall.

The series hasn’t shown the history of the core of titans, to complete the story, it should be shown in the last installment. In other words, the series now will focus more on the creatures outside the wall.

It is also an expectation that we will see that the Scout Regiment is back. This time also, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin the most loved characters by the fans will be seen battling with the outside creatures.

'Attack On Titan Season 4' Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast

Attack on Titan season 4 Cast

The voice of Eren Yeager is done by Yûki Kaji originally, the English version by Bryce Papenbrook. Misaka Ackerman by Yui Ishikawa and Trina Nishimura. Armit Arlert by Marina Inoue and Josh Grelle.

Other staff members include:

  • Chief Animation Director: Daisuke Niinuma
  • Production Chief: Jun Shishido
  • Effect Animation Director: Satoshi Sakai, Taichi Furumata
  • Color Design: Junko Suenaga
  • Art Director: Kazuo Ogura
  • Screen Design: Yusuke Tannawa
  • 3DCG Director: Takahiro Uezono
  • Director of Photography: Shigeki Asakawa
  • Editing: Masato Yoshitake
  • Sound Director: Masafumi Mima
  • Sound Effects: Naoto Yamatani (Sound Box)
  • Sound Production: Tecno Sound
  • Animation Producer: Masato Matsunaga

The returning cast includes:

  • Yuuki Kaji as Eren Jaeger
  • Yui Ishikawa as Mikasa Ackerman
  • Marina Inoue as Armin Arlelt
  • Hiro Shimono as Conny Springer
  • Yu Kobayashi as Sasha Blouse
  • Shiori Mikami as Historia Reiss
  • Kishō Taniyama as Jean Kirschtein
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya as Reiner Braun
  • Romi Park as Hange Zoë
  • Hiroshi Kamiya as Levi
  • Takehito Koyasu as Zeke

Attack on Titan Season 4 Release Date

We have both good and bad news; the good news is that the fourth installment has been renewed officially. While the sad part is it is going to be the finale season of the series. Hold your seat back and just wait for the final banger.

We all are aware of the fact that season 3 was ended in 2018 and after 2 years, something is coming to serve the craving. Though, the announcement for the next installment was done right after the last episode of the third season.

The scheduled date for the release of season 4 in Japan is in Fall 2020 or October 2020. Some rumors and news claimed that the release will be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But the producers confirmed that the final installment will be available on schedule time on the NHK General TV. While it will be available in other parts of the world as soon as the streaming services get the license.

Stay tuned with TCD! for more news.

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