Dragon Ball Super Episode 55 Spoilers, Preview and Air Date: Omni-King summons Son Goku to meet him

Dragon Ball Super Episode 55: The one of the most famous Japanese animated action series has set the audience worldwide on fire after all the action pack episodes. It’s episode 55 is clearly telling that the Omni-King is going to show up and demand an audience with Son Goku.

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The episode no 55 has been entitled as, Hey, I wanna meet Son Goku. A summons from the Omni-King. As we can make a guess from the title, the 55th episode of the series will be revolving around the two characters mainly, The Omni-King and the Son Goku.

The telecast of episode 55 of the series was supposed to air on August 14 but the schedule has been postponed by almost a week. So now it will be aired on 21st of August. The Fuji TV has delayed several episodes due to some telecast issues.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 55
Dragon Ball Super Episode 55

This is believed to happen because of some broadcast issues. The Fuji TV faces a lot of broadcasting issues due to it, the fans blames them for the delays caused on the air date of episodes of the series.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 55 Spoilers, Preview and Air Date

According to GamenGuide the Omni-King wants to see Son Goku in the 55th episode of the series. The Son Goku has no idea about why the Omni-King has summoned him. He tries to think the reason behind it.

He still has to follow the orders given by the Omni-King but he doesn’t have any idea as to what he will be telling him. But he can just follow his commands. Son Goku worries for it. Beerus also asks Sin Goku to follow the orders of Omni-King.

He says we can’t afford to displeasure him. But he also thinks why did the Omni-King want to meet Son Goku. It is being predicted that the Omni-King King is not  happy from Son Goku And he is in all mood to start a war with Goku if he fails to follow his orders.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 55

The Omni-King will be in a state of war with Son Goku as early as the displeasure him. He has not been happy for him since a long. While Son Goku has no idea about it. In the previous episode 54 of the series we have seen that Vegeta wanted Trunks and Son Goku to defeat Black Goku.

But for his dream to turn out into a reality, Trunk needs to be trained a lot and trained very well as he is technically a Saiyan. According to Kotaku, Black Goku is all set to get a new hair color as a lot of reports tells. The new hair color will be called as the Super Saiyan Rose. Fans are very excited to see the new Avatar of Black Goku.

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