Pokemon Go Cheats & Hacks: From easiest to hardest, you can catch them all

Pokemon Go Cheats & HacksAll the Pokemon are created differently. A bunch of developers shared helpful information for players to know which characters are easier or harder to find and catch. They classified them into three categories – easy, medium and hard, according to the odds-on rate of capturing them and not capturing them.

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 Tech Insider got their hands on a Reddit post which had players published the information extracted from decoding the game’s code and giving a brief on capture rate possibility of all the pocket monsters.

According to the post of Redditors and the developers who revealed this information, Magikarp and Oddish are the ones easiest to bag. The chance of finding Magikarp is as high as 56 percent and for that Oddish it is slightly low at 48 percent.

The characters of medium difficulty are Caterpie, Weedle, Pidgey, and Rattata. These mid-rangers have a capture rate of 40 percent which means you would enjoy catching them.

Pokemon Go Cheats & Hacks

The Pokemon which is comparatively hard to catch, according to the Reddit post, included: Blastoise, Charizard, Venosaur, and Dragonite. Hunting them is a hard task itself, and the fuss is to trap them afterward. If the only Pokemon left to fill you basket completely are mentioned above then all the best from me as these only have four percent capture rate.

The Legendary list encompassed – Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Mewtwo and Mew for which TI reported having zero tendencies of capture, further stating that the company has built them for giveaways. So do not try hunting the legendries, chances are you might not find them anywhere.

They stated some tips or hints to hunt down more Pokemon easily:

In the same report, TI shared some pointers for easier Pokémon hunting mission:

Whenever there is an update rolled out, it all seems harder to catch even the low-level Pokemon as they start to bounce and jump more rapidly.

Pokemon Go Cheats & Hacks

The easiness or difficulty of catching a Pokemon is based on its level.

The right way of throwing the Poke Balls include – higher throw accuracy equals more chances of getting success. This way you can catch more Pokemon even if you have fewer balls.

Using some tricks like feeding Pokemon with Razz Berries and then catching them with different balls known as Ultra Ball and Great Ball, you can actually catch more Pokemon.

At the time when you found it difficult to hunt any Pokemon, you can harvest that time to build you own Pokemon by hatching the Egg, nurturing the Mon and leveling it up later on. Though this process can be manipulated and you can increase the speed by using Pokemon GO cheats and hacks available online.

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