​Elijah McClain Last Words To Police VIDEO: A Pure Soul Who Played Violin for Stray Cats

Elijah McClain Last Words To Police
Elijah McClain Last Words To Police

Elijah McClain’s last words were “I can’t breathe” while the policemen brutally killed him for wearing a ski mask and looking suspicious based on their own intuition.

Elijah was a massage therapist and often played violin for stray cats during his lunch breaks in hometown Aurora, Colorado. He believed the cats get lonely sometimes and the animals do not have anybody to play or care for them.

Colorado Music related Elijah to a “quirky, a pacifist, a vegetarian, enjoyed running, and known to put a smile on everyone’s face,” according to UpWorthy. As described by his sister, Elijah McClain frequently wore a ski mask due to his blood condition as he was anemic and would catch a cold easily. Elijah McClain last words were similar as he continued describing the officers that he has a condition and he can’t breathe.

Death of Elijah McClain – Elijah McClain Last Words

Elijah McClain, an unarmed 23 years old African-American died while asking officers to leave him so that he can get some air.

Elijah McClain Full Video: Murdered by police because of Ski mask, he wears due to his health condition
Elijah McClain Last Words – McClain’s Photo At His Home

On August 24, 2019, McClain was returning back to his home after doing a work shift. The patrol police stopped him because he “looked suspicious” as he was wearing a ski/runner’s mask.

The policemen then tried to get a grip of Elijah but he continuously resisted and a struggle ensued. The entire case was not documented as the officers’ body cams allegedly fell off during the struggle. Elijah McClain last words recorded during the incident are heart-breaking, watch the video & read them below.

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However, a full-length body cam video was uploaded on YouTube by Aurora Police Department after three months of McClain’s death which depicted the full series of events.

The police officers restrained him with a ‘carotid hold’, a deadly position which is banned in most of the cities around the United States. Elijah McClain’s last words were to leave him as he cannot breathe. Elijah suffocated and had a heart attack in the ambulance while on the way to a nearby hospital. He died after struggling with life for three days in the hospital. Read Elijah McClain Last Words as he succumbed to death.

Elijah McClain Last Words To Police Are Heart-Wrenching

Elijah McClain’s last words are heart-breaking as the “introvert” repeatedly tells the policemen that he “can’t breathe.” Take a look at the entire verbal communication Elijah had with the officers before suffocating to death.

Elijah McClain Last Words To Police
Elijah McClain Last Words To Police


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*TRIGGER WARNING: violence/murder and a graphic image on slide 8.* DEMAND JUSTICE FOR ELIJAH. Link in my bio with Aurora officials’ numbers you can call, a GoFundMe for Elijah’s mother, and a petition to sign. Slide 2: Elijah’s last words, spoken as police tortured him and held him in a carotid choke hold (transcribed from bodycam footage) Slides 3-5: what happened to Elijah Slide 6: Elijah playing the violin for cats at the pet shop next door on his lunch break. He believed the music put them at ease Slide 7: sign at #blackout2020 in Aurora on 6/6/20, a demonstration to demand justice for Elijah and others. Slide 8: TRIGGER WARNING⚠️ Elijah in hospital following the police attack Slide 9: painting of Elijah surrounded by some of his favourite things or things that represent him, by @mattymillerstudio Slide 10: recent news regarding the investigation. – I recently saw this first video on Twitter along with a few words about #elijahmcclain, who was murdered by AURORA POLICE in August 2019, and since then I haven’t been able to get him and his case out of my mind. It’s so obvious from this video that Elijah was a sweet, gentle, innocent soul with a personality that radiates positive energy. When I started to read more about him, this became even more clear. He was a massage therapist and a self-taught violinist. Friends and family described him as “a spiritual seeker, pacifist, oddball, vegetarian, athlete, and peacemaker who was exceedingly gentle”. Every person who dies at the hands of police deserves justice, whether they are a great person or a terrible one. But the fact that Elijah was seemingly an angel on earth who wouldn’t even hurt a fly (this is actually something he TOLD officers as they attacked him) makes his case extra heartbreaking. Your voice matters: Elijah’s case didn’t get much publicity for the first 8 months after his death, but now people are finally talking about it. Because of this, progress is being made. Police departments are making new rules and a new investigation is being launched for Elijah. But we cannot stop talking about Elijah, and others who suffered a similar fate, until justice is served and the system is changed.

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Officers Involved In Elijah McClain’s Death

The officers are not charged with felony murder until now but remained suspended from the job.

After inspecting the body-cam footage, District Attorney Dave Young wrote a letter to Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz stating, “Based on the investigation presented and the applicable Colorado law, there is no reasonable likelihood of success of proving any state crimes beyond a reasonable doubt at trial. Therefore, no state criminal charges will be filed as a result of this incident.”

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The public is demanding justice and they will not let the killers of yet another African-American roam freely. A petition on Change.org stating “Justice for Elijah McClain” has been signed by more than 2.2+ Million people. Elijah McClain last words had a lasting effect on public’s minds and bodies.

McClain’s death case was re-opened on June 9 by City Manager Jim Twombly.

“Unfortunately, an attorney with a long career in law enforcement that specializes in defending municipal police departments from liability claims doesn’t qualify, in our minds, as a neutral review,” the Aurora City Council reported.

The voices demanding justice are working out as Interim Police Chief Vanessa Wilson announced earlier this month that ‘carotid hold’ will no longer be used in the Police Force. And the officers are being trained to only report “suspicion” based on a 911 call and not by themselves.

Stay tuned with TCD for more updates on Justice for Elijah McClain

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