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All About the European Cricket Series T10 2020

All About the European Cricket Series T10 2020
All About the European Cricket Series T10 2020

We all know that a classic Test match can last up to six days. Cricket fans all over the world are also familiar with the T20 (Twenty20) format — a short cricket event that lasts up to three hours. However, fewer people follow the even shorter cricket form — T10.

Compared to List A, first-class, and T20 events that are recognized by the ICC (International Cricket Council) as the highest forms of cricket on both the international and domestic level, ECS T10 is played on a lower level.

If T20 matches take three hours, T10 takes even less time — 90 minutes. These events have a ten-over-a-side format with two-over Powerplays. Due to different rules, ECS T10 tournaments can be played over a couple of days. Many cricket enthusiasts and professional players consider this format to be perfect for the Olympics. Hopefully, we’ll get to see cricket introduced as an Olympic sport.

Matches in the European Cricket Series are organized in different countries throughout the year. In 2020, ECS T10 was played in Germany, Frankfurt, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Malta, etc. The first edition of ECS T10 Malta ended with Marsa CC taking the trophy. The second one began on December 9.

If you’ve been following the matches, and you plan on doing the same with this edition, feel free to check out the ECS T10 live scores and see who might bring home the victory.

Second Edition of ECS T20 Malta

The December edition of ESC T10 Malta already began, with the final stage scheduled to take place on Dec 20. This league is held in a single venue — at the Marsa Sports Club in Malta.

Five teams from the first edition play in this one as well, with the addition of one more team — Super Kings, replacing the American University of Malta.

The tournament will follow the same format as the first edition — six teams play against one another twice in the group stage. The top four teams go into the semi-finals, and on the same day, two winning teams will face each other in the finals of ECS T10 Malta.

Champions of Other ECS T10 Tournaments

Given that we’re at the end of the year, most ECS T10 tournaments have already ended. While we impatiently wait for the next year’s ECS T10 events, let’s reminisce about the most successful teams in the 2020 edition of the European Cricket Series T10:

  • ECS Frankfurt — MSC Frankfurt
  • ECS Cyprus — Punjab Lions CC
  • ECS Tallinn — Tallinn Hippos
  • ECS Austrian — Vienna Afghan CC
  • ECS Malmo — Ariana Akif
  • ECS Finland — Helsinki Cricket Club
  • ECS Dresden — BSV Britannia
  • ECS Belgium — Beveren CC
  • ECS Vienna — Pakistan CC
  • ECS Hungary — Royal Tigers Cricket Club
  • ECS Rome — Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club
  • ECS Bulgaria — Indo-Bulgarian CC
  • ECS Romania — ICC Bucharest
  • ECS Capelle — Sparta Cricket 1888
  • ECS Cartaxo — Malo CC Vilamoura

As you can see, 2020 was quite an eventful year in terms of cricket, especially when it comes to the European cricket tournaments. While we wait for the year to end, we can enjoy the last competition held in Malta, follow the live scores, and see whether Marsa CC will manage to defend the title.


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