Types of Transcription Software

Image Source: Pixabay
Image Source: Pixabay

If you have decided to use transcription software to record something, you might think that all types of software will do the same job. However, there are some subtle differences between them. You are going to need to know these if you want to be able to find the transcription software that works best for you. Here are some of the things you should look for.

Video to Text

One of the most popular types of software that you might find is a video to text converters. These are used for a variety of reasons, with the most prominent often being to create closed captions or a transcript for what is happening in the video in text form.

There are plenty of video editing tools that have some sort of transcription generation. If you want to quickly find a way to generate a transcript for a video, inputting your file into one of these generators will certainly give you a transcript you can make use of. There are some free converters that you can find online, as well as software that you can download.

However, video to text software might not be the most accurate in places. These generators are basic and not the most sophisticated. If you are using free converters you find online, this might be no loss to you. But if you have tight deadlines and tasks to fulfil, this might not be the best type of transcription software for you.

Speech to Text

You can also find many types of voice transcription software that use a speech to text mechanic. If you are going to be speaking for a long time and would like to record your words for future reference, using a speech to text transcription might be much better.

This program will automatically record what you are saying, and will write it down at the same time. It can also be fed an existing audio clip to produce the text. This can prove to be useful to a number of people. We can even find word processors that have a speech to text functions built-in, allowing someone to dictate a piece rather than type it themselves.

Speech to text software has vastly improved over the years. For instance, a lot of people with strong accents or who did not speak clearly found this software to be incorrect and time-consuming. Now, the software is using artificial intelligence and advanced technology to improve accuracy and change the experience you have. Voice transcription software can now be highly accurate and efficient, which can help you when you are in a hurry.

Human Aids

Of course, not every type of transcription is automated nowadays. There are many human transcriptionists out there who listen to audio files and then transcribe what they are hearing. This has been an industry that has been around for many years and it continues to be popular. Human transcriptionists can produce a much more high-quality piece of work compared to if you were to just listen to the one recording, so therefore they need software and tools that can help them out.

There are many transcription software that can be used to help these transcribers out, improving accuracy and speed. You might find that an audio file needs cleaning up to make it more legible, or it might need converting without compromising the data. These tools can prove invaluable to a human transcriber as they try to fulfill their orders, helping identify errors, and speeding up the whole process of transcription.

The above examples are some of the most common styles of transcription software that you could encounter online. To summarise, video to text converters can be a good choice for creating closed captions but you have to be aware that they are not always the most accurate. Speech to text converters are ideal for transcribing spoken word and advancements in technology mean they can be great when it comes to accuracy.

Alternatively, there are transcriptionists that are dependable and efficient thanks to modern transcription software.

No matter what your audio might be for, you need to make sure that you are getting back an accurate transcription within a certain timeframe. Using any of the above solutions might be able to deliver the results you need, though it is important to remember that you may also see some very different results depending on which option you choose to use.

Think about the type of transcription you need and what the most important factors are for you. This can help you choose the best type of transcription software that is available.

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