Exchanging STX for BTC With Profit

Exchanging STX for BTC With Profit
Exchanging STX for BTC With Profit

Whether they are trading crypto, stocks, or other assets, the investor’s goal is always profit. The digital coin market is famous for its volatility, so it’s all about choosing the right timing for your moves. In this article, we are discussing whether you should swap STX to BTC. Our experts compared both projects and token performance in the past years, as well as what predictors expect from the coins in the next decade. Here’s what you should know about Stacks and Bitcoin before finalizing the trade!

STX Overview

Stacks is an intriguing project whose history goes back to 2019 but under a different name. Originally known as Blockstack, the project kept the same goal after rebranding in 2020. The idea was to build a layer-1 crypto solution and an ecosystem that uses Bitcoin as its anchor. The founders wanted to take the proven features of Bitcoin, such as stability and security, and improve the network’s functionality.

STX token is the main coin used on the platform. Stacks relies on stackers and miners interacting via the Proof of Transfer (PoX) consensus mechanism. Instead of mining coins on the Stacks chain, you commit BTC that you’ve already mined to have an opportunity to get STX tokens.

You can find around 1.37 billion STX tokens in supply at this point, with the maximum set at 1.81 billion. The token’s market cap is $1.19 billion, which is enough to maintain a place in the top #50 in the overall crypto rankings.

STX Price Prediction

The current STX worth is $0.86, and this will be the year when the token stabilizes its value. It could go over $1, but most experts agree it won’t bypass $1.5 by the end of 2023. The next year will be better for the crypto market, so Stacks could reach $2. It could take up to 2027 for the value to exceed the $3.86 all-time high. STX could be worth $11 in 2029 and go all the way to $35 in 2032.

Does this not seem like the best option? You can read the AGIX vs FET comparison to see if this trade is a better fit or check other trading pairs available at crypto exchanges.

BTC Info

The easiest way to describe Bitcoin is a digital cash currency focused on P2P transactions. BTC was the first crypto to become widely adopted. Today, it’s the most valuable digital currency, and it has been at the top spot in the rankings for years.

Bitcoin transactions allow sending money to another user without involving a third-party provider. Decentralized transactions secure a higher level of anonymity and privacy.

In the next couple of years, the critical event for Bitcoin will be its halving. At this point, it’s planned to happen in March 2024. Halving affects the coin’s scarcity, so that could be an event that could trigger further BTC value increase.

BTC Price Forecast

Bitcoin is currently worth about $30,460. That’s a huge jump compared to the massive drop in 2022 when the value went under $20,000. However, BTC is still far from its all-time high set at over $69,000, so the question is can it return to that price range?

Most experts say yes, and it’s only a matter of when. In 2023, Bitcoin will continue stabilizing, and it might not go over $30,000, although some put it above $40,000. A considerable jump should happen after the halving in 2024, and BTC could reach $60,000 before that year ends. A new all-time high might occur in 2025, with the value even exceeding $100,000. As for the forecast by 2032, some experts are modest and claim Bitcoin will only be worth $500,000, while others even put its value at over $1,000,000.

STX to BTC as the Next Exchange Option

If one thing is certain, it’s the following — if the crypto market keeps developing, BTC will lead its progress. With the upcoming Bitcoin halving, there are many reasons why you should consider converting other tokens to BTC at this point. Although Stacks also has promising forecasts for the coming years, it’s hard to imagine a token with less risk to hold in your wallet for a long time than Bitcoin.

You can convert STX to BTC at anonymous exchanges in minutes. It’s more important to confirm that it’s the right trading option for you. Once you are certain about this move, find a provider with the best rates and lowest transaction fees and choose it for the trade.

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