Florida Dr Dareld Morris Explains How Politics Is Affecting The Medical World During COVID-19: Supports American’s Frontline Doctors

Florida Doctor Dareld Morris Explains How Politics Is Affecting The Medical World During COVID-19
Florida Doctor Dareld Morris myers fl Explains How Politics Is Affecting The Medical World During COVID-19: Morris Medical Center - supports America's Frontline Doctors

Florida based Dr Dareld R Morris has come forward to explain his understanding of the coronavirus and politics. In a video, he has expressed his thoughts on how politics is affecting the medical world during COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic all across the globe. You can find a video of the said healthcare professional below.

Dr Dareld Morris on How Politics is affecting the Medical World during COVID-19

Here is the written transcript of what doctor Morris has said in the video:

“Yeah, there are three things right now mainly politicized especially during this coronavirus pandemic situation. One is, here in Florida, they have already exposed 40 or more labs that are doing COVID testing that is in fact faking the results, reporting a 100% positive result ratio which is statistically impossible.

Two, the labs that have already been audited in terms of instead of a 100% positive, they were coming out in less than 10% positive. So, this is ridiculous political motivation insurance for all kinds of illegality going on here. One of the other points I would like to touch on is, in Florida here, the reporting is that we don’t have enough hospital beds, and this is completely not true as well.

What happened is that a few months back, the hospital here had massive layoffs because they were slow, and business was just slow. They had not been able to do elected procedures, somethings like that. So, they are running many under 50-60% of the staffing capacity.

And, the real stats are that they had ordered enough beds, but there had been not enough staff. So they made it feel capacity based on the number of staff members they had working, but they don’t have the full staff working. So those numbers are being manipulated as well.

And, lastly regarding the treatments of COVID-19, yesterday and the day before, there were many doctors who had press conferences in Washington DC about their successful treatment of the virus, one particularly treated over 300 patients in the Houston area with diabetes, hypertension and COVID positive and massive success treating with hydroxychloroquine and the protocol zepharmax which is having good success with many practices across the country.

But, physicians are being shaded now, and the media is not caring it because it’s not the matter of what turns out to be the left media is clearly trying to get on the president here. And, those videos showing those physicians those who were having successful treatment with that protocol have been deleted from Twitter, Facebook which you probably know probably are left-lean organizations.

That is just censorship and restricting the information flow in the United States. In my practice, I have written the same protocol for many of my patients that are at risk, and local pharmacies have refused to fill my prescription. I have had many patients on ziphermax or hydroxychloroquine for many years because I also treated lupus.

For 20+ years, even with that medication with no side-effects or trouble whatsoever. So, there is no reason not to utilize that protocol if it’s indicated, and not letting information freely flow and refusing to utilize that are having success in other practices is just criminal.”

Then, the lady on the left side takes over the camera. Doctor Morris seemingly supports America’s Frontline Doctors.

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  1. All three of the claims are false. The 100% reporting in mid-July has since been investigated and cleared. The testing sites weren’t reporting their negative results which made it seem like they were misreporting. (https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2020/07/15/florida-coronavirus-tests-hospital-disputes-100-positive-report/5445139002/ ) Of course there are some beds in hospitals in Florida which are open because those counties haven’t been hard hit. But places like Broward County are full. The State of Florida Health Department keeps a database on all beds and knows exactly what is and is not full. (https://www.wpbf.com/article/florida-coronavirus-map-hospital-beds-august-3/33499706 ) Lastly, there have been multiple studies showing that hydroxychloriquine does NOT help against COVID-19. It is actually harmful and could kill people. This video is very dangerous. Shame on this doctor and his daughter. I wonder how many people are going to get very sick because of their idiocy.


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