Garrett Foster Shot Dead in Austin (Texas): Black Lives Matter Protestor Killer/Suspect in Police Custody

Garrett Foster Shot Dead in Austin (Texas): Bio/Wiki, Age, Killer (Who Shot Him) Name, Girlfriend/Fiancee, Mother, Family, Ethnicity

The Texas Police has taken a suspect into custody after he fatally shot an anti-racism demonstrator in Austin as per the officials. The authorities haven’t released the name of the victim. In an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, his mother identified him as Garrett Foster.

The New York Times report says that witnesses saw a motorist shooting Foster shortly after 10 pm on July 25, 2020. Earlier, the same person had threatened Black Lives Matter protestors in his car. He was later released from custody.

A video was captured at the incident. It features demonstrators marching through downtown Austin and chanting, “fists up, fight back.” The video is just moments before a car driver is heard honking and lurching towards the crowd. It prompts screams from some of the protestors on the spot.

After that, demonstrators start moving towards the car. All of a sudden, one person yells everybody to back up. Suddenly, eight gunshots are heard. Foster was admitted to a hospital. Later on, the staff pronounced him dead.

According to Austin Police Chief Brian Manley, Foster was shot and killed during the protests on Saturday. He said officers heard two separate volleys of gunfire, and when they made their way into the crowd, they found the victim suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

Before getting shot, Foster had a gun in his hand and had approached the car. According to a witness named Michael Capochiano, the Times report states that Foster walked toward the vehicle with the muzzle of the gun facing down. The witness said that Foster didn’t aggressively hold the gun.

On Saturday, in his last interview of life, Foster described the gun as an AK-47 rifle. According to Foster, he had the gun as he believed to practice some of the rights. His roommate was arrested for taking in the protests. However, according to him, he didn’t think that someday he would use it.

In Texas, you can carry a rifle in public. It’s legal as long as it’s not brandished in a threatening way. Also, Garrett is believed to be a military veteran from Austin.

Garrett Foster’s mother, Sheila Foster, said her son had a license to carry the weapon. She told ABC the same. According to him, Garrett was helping his fiancee Whitney Mitchell to get into her wheelchair. Mitchell is a quadruple amputee. As per Sheila, at that moment, the motorist opened fire. Mitchell wasn’t injured in the shooting.

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Sheila continued to say that her son and her son’s fiancee had been participating in these protests for the last 50 days as Garrett felt strongly about justice. She added that that’s why he was heavily against Police brutality and was supporting his fiancee.

According to the public records, Garrett and Mitchell, both 28, had been together since 17.
The police officials said that the suspect is cooperating with the investigation. He hasn’t been publically identified yet. There were no other injuries.

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