Home News George Floyd Casket: Cost, Open or Closed, Who Paid For Promethean Golden Coffin?

George Floyd Casket: Cost, Open or Closed, Who Paid For Promethean Golden Coffin?

George Floyd Casket: Cost, Open or Closed, Who Paid For Promethean Golden Coffin?
George Floyd Funeral/Burial Live Stream Tuesday 9 June 2020 at The Fountain of Praise (Houston): How To Watch Online

George Floyd will be buried in a Promethean golden casket or coffin at Houston Memorial Garden in Pearland, Texas. Floyd is the third person after Michael Jackson and James Brown to be buried in a gold-plated casket. MJ’s coffin costs $25,000.

Two funeral services took place at The Fountain Of Praise: a public viewing on Monday and an invite-only service on Tuesday.

The maximum number of people allowed to enter the church is 500. All must follow the social distancing rule, must wear face masks and gloves.

George Floyd Coffin Death Conspiracy Theories
George Floyd Casket Memorial

There have been controversies around George Floyd’s death like Is he still alive? Did Floyd have an open casket? Why did George have a closed coffin? Who Paid for George Floyd Gold Casket? We will answer your questions one by one.

George Floyd Casket/Coffin Details

Who Paid for George Floyd’s Gold Coffin/Casket?

Floyd Mayweather, former American Boxer, has paid for George Floyd’s gold-plated coffin/casket. He raised the money from a GoFuneMe campaign which collected $13 Million in donations from around the world. (Read: George Floyd Criminal Record: He Is Not A Martyr)

“He’ll probably get mad at me for saying that, but yes, (Mayweather) is definitely paying for the funeral, ” said Lenard Ellerbe, CEO Of Mayweather Promotions.

How Much George Floyd Gold Casket/Coffin Costs?

Batesville Casket Company is a worldwide renowned gold casket manufacturer. The highest quality coffin ‘Promethean’ is 24K gold-plated, made on special orders, and cost range from $20,000 to $40,000.

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and famous singer James Brown were buried in a gold Promethean Casket. How much does a golden casket cost? It’s somewhere between 20 to 30 thousand dollars.

The cost of George Floyd gold Promethean casket is around $25,000 to $30,000. The burial garments will increase the amount substantially. The total cost is not yet disclosed.

George Floyd Casket Promethean Golden Coffin
George Floyd Coffin/Casket

Did George Floyd Have Open or Closed Casket/Coffin? And Why? George Floyd At His Own Funeral?

Open casket means that the face of the dead is visible to the funeral attendees whereas a closed casket is shut for the entire duration of funeral and burial.

George Floyd had a closed casket, his family chose not to show Floyd’s face to the public, on the two funeral services held in the last week. The decision sparked many to arise like Is he still alive? Did G Floyd attend his own funeral?

However, on Monday, George Floyd’s body was laid in an open casket donned in dressed in a brown suit and blue tie.

Why was George Floyd Casket closed?

This could be due to the fact that his family could not see their loved one deceased, easing out the acceptance of death. However, no official statement has been released by Floyd’s family members.

Floyd, 46 years old, was murdered by former Minneapolis Police Officers Derek Chauvin and three other accomplices (Tou Thao, Thomas Lane, J Alexander Kueng) while making an arrest for passing a $20 counterfeit bill to a shopkeeper. All four officers are now arrested and charged with second-degree aiding and abetting murder & second-degree aiding and abetting manslaughter.

The guests for invite-only service are selected by Floyd’s family, the list contains famous celebrities and numerous VIPs. Some famous names are Mayor Sylvester Turner, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Rev. Al Sharpton, Attorney Benjamin Crump, Slim Thug, Leela James, Paul Wall, Floyd Mayweather, Congressman Al Green, Bishop James Dixon, etc.

Stay tuned for more updates.


  1. With so many struggling financially was it really necessary to have a gold plated coffin for George Floyd’s funeral? Interesting choice to have a closed coffin.

    • Why lots of people have a close casket what makes his any different because you’re trying to stir up some controversy? That’s what’s wrong with the world today

  2. Please, have some respect for the dead. No one has asked you to pay for or approve of the casket. It’s not “fishy” to have a closed casket. Likely his family had a private viewing and declined to have an open casket for the public. But, yeah- go ahead and judge because you know exactly how you would act if a family member had a police officer kneel on their neck until they were dead…..

  3. Wonder what other good things the family of George Floyd will do with all the money people have given them over the last 10 days… $30,000 casket was a great start!

  4. This so amazes me. Are you kidding me? A $25,000 plus casket and the world gives $13 million dollars on a Go Fund Me site! This makes me sick. He was not by any means a choir boy as his family and leaders are making out. He was a thug. And I don’t give a damn what color he is or was. Where is the Go Fund Me money for the retired police chief who gave his life while these “protesters” looted, and burned to the ground so many ‘Mom and Pop” businesses and beat up citizens and cops? Where’s the outpouring for this man who was defending and trying to protect this pawn shop that a friend of his owned? These protests were not about Floyd. They, the protesters could care less about Floyd. This was about the Dems trying to keep this country from recovering from the virus and being shut down and they were looking for another incident to use to their advantage. You want to defund the police? Why? Is it because most police voted for Trump and the Dems want to replace them with their own. If that happens, we will be well on our way to a socialist society and with that you can burn our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I, for one, will take up arms and fight for my country. I am sick to death of the whine of the blacks over everything. Do they know that their “people” in Africa sold their ancestors into slavery and the tribes today of Africa still fight among each other and the winner gets the spoils. In other words, the losers get to be slaves of the winning tribe. My ancestors from Ireland, Scotland,Wales, and England many came to America by way of “indentured servant”. Someone in America paid their passage to come to America. If you couldn’t speak English, you did not get to come. So before you could secure passage, you had to speak, understand and write English. These “servants” were beaten, starved, women raped. They had no value like the slaves. Most never lived to see their freedom. I don’t expect restitution. There are bad cops but they don’t just pick on blacks. They pick on the poor and it doesn’t matter whether you are white or black or purple. I was harassed by a black motorcycle cop in LA. The racial divide started again with Obama who sank this country into the gutter. Remember when we couldn’t say Merry Christmas because it offended the Muslims? Too bad. This country was founded under Judeo-Christian values and beliefs. I have never seen such hatred in this country and I grew up in the 60’s and know all about the burning of churches. Remember this, the South wanted slavery to continue, the South and Dems were responsible for the Jim Crow laws and it will be the Dems that want to replace the greatest Democratic Republic in the world with socialism. big government and YOUR loss of the great freedoms you enjoy in this country. Do you think for one minute you could protest let alone burn, loot, kill and beat anyone in China, Cuba, Russia, Venezuela and other Communist and Socialistic places? I think not. If that’s what you idiots want, then move to one of the above countries, but get out of my country. Like my ancestors, I will either live free or die for my country and my God!

  5. Your Kind really are a joke. You wouldn’t put on a uniform and fight for anything. You are angry that your life a white privilege is slowly coming to a HALT! grow the Hell up! The protesters
    did just what the founders of this country did……they burned & looted! The only difference between cops and gangs, Cops are sanctioned by the city & the gangs are not. Now cameras are revealing what they are really like, thugs! We have no idea what we are on our way to being after 3 and a half years of having a reality TV star as president. The type of slavery you mention
    in Africa,was nothing like the brutal slavery that was born in this country. The racial divide started when the first slave set foot in this country….and has been flourishing in some form or fashion every since then. Obama had nary a thing to do with it….another foolish misrepresentation by you.this country was not founded on Judeo-Christian values & beliefs….most of the founding father didn’t even believe in a God or religion! Las but not least,The GOP of Eisenhower,Rockefeller, couldn’t belong to today’s GOP. Those yahoo’s hijacked the party after the Civil Rights act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965!…..you need a serious crash course in Civic’s & American History. The Biggest threat to this country,is the Orange Menace AKA Cadet Bone Spur or Donald Trump……Sitting in the Oval Office..God help us all.

    • What did the founders burn and loot? During the Boston Tea Party, no property was damaged, unless you include the tea. The fight for freedom against England was done knowing that if they had lost, they would have been tried for treason and killed. Are these protesters willing to have the same done to them? And don’t be trying to put any of this on Trump. This has been going on for decades, and there were multiple “protests” during the Obama administration for the exact same reasons, and look what they accomplished. Nothing. And yes many of the founding father’s held strong Christian values. The biggest threat to this country is the liberal media and how it brainwashes people like you, unwilling to do any research and just believe anything and everything they tell you. It is sad and pathetic.


    • She read his arrest record courtesy of Harris County Clerk of Courts. You’re right. Cops did start this thing with his first of nine arrests in ten years.

  7. All colors/races have dealt with slavery hundreds of years ago. No one living today are directly affected by this, yet blacks feel they are owed. Grow up!
    I’m white and grew up poor. I lived in a prodominatley black neighborhood and went to school there. We all saw eaxh other as people not as a color. I had no “white privilege”. I was just like my black friends. My parents worked hard for what little we had as did our neighbors. Color made no difference. We were a neighborhood who strived to get the children educated so that they could have a better life. We all got along great. We ate with each other, kids played together. We went to Church together. Not once did anyone act like they were owed anything.
    Now, all these years later, I had to move back home. Both parents deceased, I live in the house I grew up in. The people here still stick together. Why is it so hard for our Country to live with different races together? Why can’t people get along as we do? When I speak with my neighbors of color, they are sickened by the mess the protestors are creating. We ALL know that some cops are bad, but not all of them. We need the police in our communities. Without them, I can’t imagine how life would be. We need to show them some respect. They need to show us respect. I’ve seen whites treated just as badly as blacks. It’s not so much a racial thing as it is a respect thing. George Floyd’s color didn’t matter to those cops. He was fighting them, resisting arrest. I do not believe for a minute that they intended for him to die. But, he did. Sure, they should pay for their wrong doing, but what good is coming from looting and burning shops and stores? I’ll be the first to stand by someone who wants their voice heard, but not when you’re destroying our cities. We have ways to ensure we get changes made but no one wants to go about it in the right way. We need to stand together and take our Country back. Not destroy it. We must learn to live together and treat each other with respect. We need to learn to respect authority and authority needs to learn to respect us. This unrest is not solving the problem.

  8. Yeah ! Sure let’s buy the criminal who might I remind you once held a pregnant woman by pointing a gun at her belly a gold coffin 🙄🙄 and was also a meth head. Did he deserve to die? NO! Does he deserve to be the face for any kind of “movement”? Again a big NO!

  9. The money for the elaborate funeral/casket says nothing and does nothing for the cause. It could have been put towards developing poverty stricken areas (aka the hood), education and building a better tomorrow. Instead of protesting, we all could have come together and gone to these areas to do repairs, help clean up, talk to the residents, ask questions, find out where to begin building with these areas. Instead of demanding what you want, how about asking for what they need. All white people are not assholes and not all black people have a good heart so you can either continue to run your mouth and demand attention or you can take a lead in making a real difference that lasts much longer than a protest. Help create better lives for the very same people you speak of. We get the point now take some action…volunteer, donate, be kind.

  10. Yay Patty- You piss people off as they’d rather live in a Make believe world where they control excuses rather than face the truth. I do not condone Floyds death , but I strongly remind you flipping whimps had Floyd survived his arrest he was on his way back to jail, Court and more than lightly prison! Thw woman who was pregnant he held at gun point , may be a better person than I am- and be very frogiving- however if I was her- I’d be dancing at his death and pissed that the Black race is using him as their go to Poster Boy!! BLM is nothing more than thugs looking for violence which they’ve proved by not speaking out against all the Black on Black Violence YET! After the Elections, hopefully some decent people will get in Office and go in and take the cities back by the thugs of all colors, as those citizen now have the right sue the Cities, Counties , and States they live in for Failure to protect under the law and Violation of Civil Rights! In the meantime protest on assholes- hope the next innocent person you pull out of a vehicle shoots your ass!

  11. Hey Patty, go eff yourself you moronic racist piece of human filth. I truly hope you die painfully and slowly. That goes for all of you TRAITOROUS Trump nut swingers. You are the most disgusting human scum on the fucking planet. Also, uneducated liars.
    Tell you what, you pieces of shit aren’t the only ones with guns. Come to my home and talk that shit, I dare you. YOU will be the one getting all fucked up I promise.

  12. Did George Floyd have a closed-casket funeral? I was looking to put an end to all the conspiracy theories by pointing out thousands, including friends and family, saw George Floyd’s body at the funeral service and could affirm it was him. But the 2 services were both CLOSED-CASKET according to this information. Why?

  13. The boxer took the previledge of doing go fund me, he could never dream of getting that much money, you have to use it for what you specify it for.
    I suspect people from all over the world donated because it is bone chilling to see a person suspected of passing a phoney $20.00 bill be brutally killed by 4 participating police officers.

  14. Wow. A golden coffin for a criminal. What message does it give to others? Be like him, and you might get rewarded by such privilege! Sick and absurd.


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