George Floyd Protests Live Updates 2020: #TheShowMustBePaused Trend on Twitter, DC Black Out was Hoax

George Floyd Protests Live Updates: #dcblackout Trends on Twitter
George Floyd Protests Live Updates: #dcblackout Trends on Twitter

The death of George Floyd, a black man at the hands of a Minnesota police officer, a white man sparked outrage across the United States of America (USA). On Memorial Day 2020, officer Derek Chauvin pinned him down, on the road, and put his knee on Floyd’s neck for about 9 minutes. As a result, he died on the spot.

For such an inhuman act resulting in the death of Floyd, officer Chauvin and the other three officers who were present at the scene have already been fired. The investigation is in the process. The charges of murder and manslaughter have been filed against Chauvin. But, it hasn’t stopped the violent protests across the nation.

Live updates on George Floyd Protests

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June 2, 2020: Update 02:53 am IST – Citywide curfew lifted in Miami

As per the official statement, the citywide curfew has been lifted in Miami. It was imposed in view of the protest getting violent worldwide. However, the curfew in unincorporated Miami-Dade County will still be there as imposed. It will remain in effect from 9 pm to 6 am local time until lifted.

Update 10:30 pm IST – Louisville: 1 Dead in Police Shooting

A deadly shooting took place overnight. In the firing of the police, one person lost life as per Gov. Andy Beshear. While trying to disperse the crowd, the Louisville police force and the Kentucky National Guard fired some shots, around midnight. Additional details are awaited.

Update 10:20 pm IST – Barr Takes Strict Measures: Delopy Riot Squads and Hostage Rescue Team

Attorney General William P Barr has taken strict measures to control the growing tensions inside the country. He has ordered the Federal Bureau of Prisons to make special riot teams and send them to Miami and Washington DC. Barr wants to control the civil unrest at the earliest as told by a senior Justice Department official.

As per the official, the FBI field offices will be converted into command posts to work side by side the local police. It will enable them to charge violent demonstrators quickly. It will happen like this, the local police will send the arrested individuals to the FBI, then they will interview them in custody.

The Justice Department seems to put a strict check on the violence in the District. On Sunday night, Barr has already directed the elite Hostage Rescue Team of FBI to work alongside the local law enforcement. Also, a special operations response team from the BoP was present in Miami over the weekend. Another one will be present in the District.

Update 12:35 GMT – Music Industry Pause To Support George Floyd Protest

Some of the biggest record labels won’t be working this Tuesday. The leading labels will be marking Black Out Tuesday this week. As a result, they will suspend all of their business and appointments in order to fight against racial discrimination. Universal Music tweeted that “We stand with the black community”, with the hashtag #TheShowMustBePaused.

Warner Records also tweeted that the music business for Warner Music Group (WMG) will be at halt this week. Besides this, they will be contributing to organizations like Black Lives Matter and others including people who are fighting to against racial injustice. Other record labels to make such announcements are Sony Music, Interscope Geffen A&M, among others.

Update 8:25 pm IST: New York Mayor Opinion

The Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio said that most of the protestors were peaceful demonstrators. But, there were some who came out late and were violent, so those evening protestors were not peaceful, thus not acceptable. There were some mishappenings, but no major injuries to the protestors or police have been reported so far.

Blasio added that there were many instances in which people including protestors, police, and the community showed empathy and connection with each other. Such neighboured policing be encouraged. Referring to the video in which a police officer was kneeing with the protestors, he said we need to overcome such thinking and move forward.

Responding to looting in lower Manhattan, the mayor said that they will be taking a very aggressive decision, keeping in mind that it was a very small proportion of violent protestors.

The whole of Twitter is flooded with violence and fire due to the protest going on in Washington DC, the USA actually. People are tweeting with #dcblackout saying signals and networks are jammed. The tweets are simply saying that no reports or news are coming from the national capital because of jamming.

Some shared that the authorities having power are removing everything regarding DC from social media sites such as Reddit. Now, the people have started posting tweets with #dcblackout as they want to inform the world of what is going on in the United States of America.

As it is clear from the tweets above, those people who are posting about the Washington DC Riots are unable to access their account as they are getting suspended. Other than suspension, some people are seeing after login on Twitter that,

‘We’ve temporarily limited some of your account features’. This clearly suggests that they don’t want the world and other parts of the US to know about all of this.

But people are sharing it again and again to voice their thoughts and inner feelings. Some tweets which are not available right now maybe because they are also deleted revealed that they are not getting any signals during the past 6 hours. If we talk about the television media, no channel is reporting the latest update from the affected regions.

These events started after the African-American (black) man George Floyd who died after being pinned down to his throat by a white police officer of Minneapolis. People are considering it to be the racial discrimination of the US police.

Some tweets also revealed that they are misusing the powers they have and eventually the normal citizens of the nations are affected.

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