Black FBI Agent Arrested By White Cops (Viral Video): Is Racial Discrimination In Police Real?

Undercover Black FBI Agent Arrested By White Cops (Video Went Viral): Is Racial Discrimination In Police Real?

Black FBI Agent: Protests have been going for over a week now following the murder of an unarmed Black man, George Floyd, by a Minneapolis Police Officer. However, policemen have ignored the peace message and continue carrying out operations in an inhumane manner.

Social media flooded with videos of violent police officers using their position and power to wrongfully conduct actions against the opposite race. The latest video making rounds depicts a black undercover FBI Agent intentionally getting arrested to expose two white cops, eventually confiscating their badges.

In an attempt to control the protests and riots happening all over the country, the police switched to means of harassing journalists and protestors. From firing blank or non-lethal shots at protestors, breaking journalists’ camera equipment, and tasering one HBCU student after pulling him right out of his car without any justified cause. It becomes evident with time that George Floyd’s death has not really changed the mentality of common police officers. Racism still runs in their blood and mind.

Floyd’s killing has sparked outrage among all the communities and races. Whites join hands with blacks to show the power of unity and that no term such as “race” exists. However, the case seems to be reversed in the case of Police Officers. Their acts have gone more violent and the videos are evidence.

Undercover Black FBI Agent Arrested By White Cops (Video Went Viral): Is Racial Discrimination In Police Real?

Alleged FBI Agent Being Arrested By Two Policemen

FBI Guy Video: On Monday morning, a video depicting two policemen harassing a black guy went viral on social media. The black person was mistaken for someone else who he was not. His identity was questioned and the police tried to arrest him on the basis of their sheer ‘intuition’. The two policemen started searching for his wallet to get proof for identification. They found a wallet in his back pocket, took it out, and realized that the person who they arrested was someone else.

The black man starts accusing the police officers of harassing a common citizen without any actual proof or warrant. He defends himself when the police officers try to grab him but willingly submits. The trio exchange cuss words in between the conversations. Bystanders also mention quite often, “You got the wrong guy.”, but police continue to search him.

In the end, the police uncuff him and he asks for the supervisor to have a little chat with him about the incident that took place moments earlier. He mentions how unethical their behavior is toward a black person and asks them for their badges and identification so that he can file a complaint against them.

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Is He Really An Undercover FBI Agent?

Netizens, however, denied the fact that the black person was an undercover FBI Agent and cited the video to be one year old. Twitterati presented the real facts behind the viral video and asked people to not trust misinformation so fast.

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A lady posted a chat with the owner of the footage who shot the scene in June 2019.

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FBI or not, police should not cross their rules just by using their power. Several other videos have also resurfaced on the Internet showcasing violent acts of white Police Officers against black people.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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