George Lopez “We’ll Do It For Half” Netflix Comedy Special: Is He Alive Or Dead?

#GeorgeLopez is trending on twitter with 20K tweets. Amid the ongoing protests and people dying due to COVID-19, the trend worried a lot of his fans as to ‘if George Lopez is Alive or Dead?’

George Lopez is an American actor and comedian. He rose to fame with his self-produced ABC sitcom and for talking on Mexican-American culture.

No, the popular comedian is not dead. George Lopez is alive and in great health. Meanwhile, he is focusing on the release of his upcoming Netflix Comedy Special “We’ll Do It For Half”.

For a long time, Lopez’s fans wanted him to do a comedy show with Netflix. Finally, he has decided to join hands with Netflix and release the long-awaited comedy special show.

Netflix released the trailer for “We’ll Do It For Half” on June 18, 2020. Watch it below.

George Lopez We’ll Do It For Half Trailer

George Lopez’s We’ll Do It For Half Release Date & Theme

Looking at the trailer, it is evident that the show is going to be hilarious as George takes brutal jabs at the Latino community. “I love Latino people all over the world, we DO NO know each other. But we know one rule, you F*UCK with one being, you F*uck with the whole burrito,” an excerpt from the trailer.

George Lopez We'll Do It For Half Release Date, Trailer, Dead or Alive
George Lopez We’ll Do It For Half Release Date, Trailer, Dead or Alive, George Lopez Trending on Twitter


George Lopez is known for his unique style of mixing controversial topics with a touch of humor. The comedian’s most shows are based on topics such as race, politics, and life lessons learned through hardships.

This style of comedy has inspired a lot of young stand-up aspirants, who aspire to pursue comedy as a profession.

We’ll Do It For Half Release Date

The show was filmed at Warfield Theater in San Francisco and depicts Lopez maneuvering hilariously through topics such as cultural differences, emotional support animals, gender reveal parties, elevator etiquettes, and a lot more.

We’ll Do It For Half Release Date: June 30, until then keep #GeorgeLopez trending on Twitter and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Stay tuned with TCD for more updates on George Lopez.

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