George Soros & Wayfair: Soros Owns A Large Chunk of Wayfair’s Stocks

George Soros and Wayfair
George Soros and Wayfair

George Soros & Wayfair: What started as a conspiracy theory has now taken a political route. The Jewish billionaire George Soros is rumored to be owning a large chunk of Wayfair, an American online furniture portal. Yes, the rumor is true. George Soros owns a big portion of the furniture retailer.

Wayfair conspiracy theory kicked off from a subreddit (r/conspiracy) on Reddit. The company is allegedly selling humans and children with their overly priced items such as cabinets, pillows, curtains, etc. All the WFX Utility is believed to be a huge cover for the company’s human trafficking racket. Check more about Wayfair Human Trafficking Scheme.

George Soros and Wayfair
George Soros and Wayfair

The question of the hour is whether or not George Soros owns Wayfair? He does not own Wayfair as such, however, he had made big investments in the company in 2017. And he increased his net worth substantially. For exact figures, read George Soros and Wayfair’s relation.

George Soros and Wayfair: Does George Soros Own Wayfair?

Soros owns a large portion of Wayfair’s stocks. As described in an article by, Soros stocks generated gains of at least 46% in 2017. One of his five best-performing stocks recorded were Extreme Networks (NASDAQ:EXTR), Wayfair (NYSE:W), MakeMyTrip Limited (NASDAQ:MMYT), Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), and Genco Shipping & Trading (NYSE:GNK).

As of March 2020, SOROS FUND MANAGEMENT LLC, the fund was valued at $1,975,128,000. Check out Soros Wayfair stocks.

Name of Issuer CUSIP Value
Shares Investment Discretion Voting
Sole / Shared / None
WAYFAIR INC [NOTE 0.375% 9/0] 94419LAB7 8,217 10,500,000 PRN SOLE 10500000 / 0 / 0
WAYFAIR INC [NOTE 1.125%11/0] 94419LAD3 18,990 27,971,000 PRN SOLE 27971000 / 0 / 0


For more details check out: George Soros & Wayfair: Owns A Large Portion –

Wayfair Child Trafficking Scheme

The conspiracy is taking the internet by storm, everybody is searching the cabinets’ names on Google to find out the possible link to a missing person/kid.

Among the names on rumored Wayfair missing children/kids, some have been found in safe health while others are still missing. For example*, Samiyah Mumin and Cameron James Dziedzic have been located successfully.

*This is based on our research so far. Other kids such as Samara Duplessis, Anabel, Yaritza Castro, are still missing. Their names match the cabinets sold by Wayfair.

Read: List of all Wayfair Missing Kids/Children

George Soros is considered the “epicenter of what is going wrong in the United States of America,” according to BBC’s Mike Rudin. Soros is always the talk of the town for reportedly owning the whole Democratic Party and #pizzagate controversy.

Wayfair and Soros both might see a fall in their net worth. And as the conspiracy progresses, if the company’s CEO Niraj Shah does not make an announcement soon. The company’s future will be dark.

Read: Has Wayfair CEO Niraj Shah Resigned/Stepped Down From The Job?

One thing of the people on the far-right is confirmed, and that is George Soros and Wayfair has a connection, and an old one. How will the connection affect the current controversy? Tell us in the comment section.

Stay tuned with TCD for more updates on George Soros & Wayfair.

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  2. I too am a Christian. I’m glad I saw this as I have dropped Bed Bath and Beyond due to their anti Conservative

    I will no longer order Wayfair so my money will not go to Soro’s and his anti American agenda!

    We win in the end.


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