7-11 Free Slupree Day 2020 Cancelled: No Free Slurpees Today

7 11 slurpee day 2020 canceled free
7/11 7 11 Free Slurpee Day 2020 Canceled Today,

It’s 7 11 (7-Eleven or 7/11) Free Slurpee Day 2020 today, but the event is canceled. So, you will not be getting a free Slurpee today anywhere. A sad day indeed for everyone.

The convenience store has shared the day 7/11 each year since 2002 as 7-Eleven Day, giving out free Slurpees to everyone who visited one of the stores on this day. Unfortunately, the event is canceled this year like many other auspicious events.

Is 7/11 Free Slurpee Day 2020 Canceled?

7 11 slurpee day 2020 canceled free
7/11 7 11 Free Slurpee Day 2020 Canceled Today,

7 11 will not be celebrated due to the ongoing pandemic. However, the company will still deliver food to people. On its birthday, the company has decided to distribute one million meals to Feeding America, a national NGO.

“At 7‑Eleven, our top priority is the safety of customers, Franchisees, and employees,” 7‑Eleven Senior Vice President Marissa Jarratt stated.

“Gathering nine million of our closest friends in stores on one day just didn’t feel right, but I am heartened that we now have the opportunity to help the communities and neighborhoods that have been the lifeline of our business since 1927,” she added.

Is there any way to still get the brain-freezing slushie? Yes, no worries even if the 7 11 Day 2020 is canceled. The company has already sent-out a coupon code to all 33 million members of the 7Rewards loyalty app.

You can redeem the coupon to get one free medium Slurpee. The code is valid throughout July, “allowing customers to treat themselves when it’s convenient for them, while helping us practice physical distancing in stores,” a company’s press release stated.

Don’t get too excited! There is one condition though to redeem the freebie. It is that the coupon code must be available in your account and it is available only to customers who signed up before or on July 1. So signing up today or today onwards will not get you the 7 11 Free Slurpee 2020 coupon code.

Stay tuned with TCD for more updates on 7-11 Free Slurpee today.

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