Gmail, Whatsapp Crosses One Billion Active Users – Big Milestone

Gmail, Whatsapp Crosses One Billion Active Users: Gmail and Whatsapp have become one of the most integral part of any person who is having an access to internet and with the technology getting advanced with every passing day, the number of users using these services are also increasing.

In big announcements made today, two of the biggest and most used apps have achieved a new milestone. Google’s Gmail and Facebook’s Whatsapp has crossed one billion active users.

Gmail, Whatsapp Crosses One Billion Active Users
Gmail, Whatsapp Crosses One Hundred Crore Active Users

While Mark Zuckerberg took his Facebook Page as a platform to announce that Whatsapp has got more than one billion users. On the other hand, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai announced that the mailing service Gmail has more than one billion active users every month in the earning’s call of Alphabet, parent company of Google.

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Gmail, Whatsapp Crosses One Billion Active Users

Mark updated his status on Facebook saying that, “One billion people now use Whatsapp. Congrats to Jan (Koum) and Brian (Acton) and everyone who helped to reach the milestone!”.

Whatsapp has got double users since Facebook-owned it and they have also made it completely free for the people using it by removing the subscription fee. Whatsapp has brought a major change in the lives of people and eased the process of connectivity. Majority of Whatsapp users belongs to India.

Currently at Whatsapp, over 42 billion messages are sent each month. The service is available in 53 languages and more than 1.6 billion photos and 250 million videos are shared every day.

Gmail, Whatsapp Crosses One Billion Active Users
Gmail, Whatsapp Crosses One Billion Active Users

Also, Gmail also became the 7th service by Google which has crossed the one billion user mark. The Gmail crossed 900 million active users around the month of May in last year and now it has more than 1 billion users. The other 6 Google services includes Google Search, Youtube, Google Maps, Android, Play Store and Google Chrome.

Apple Devices are also a part of this eminent club.

Google Search Result was the first to enter in the 100 crore club. However, the year in which it accomplished this feat is not clear, but as of reports of October 2015, Google has around 89% traffic of search results, leaving behind Bing, Baidu and Yahoo. Youtube also achieved this feat back in 2013.

Describing the event in a humorous manner, it said in a blog post that if Youtube had been a country, it would had world’s 3rd largest population after China and India. The most recent Google product which crossed more than a billion people using it was Google Play Store which reached to the feet in September last year.

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