Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Spoilers Finale and Air Date: Nathan-Meredith hookup may tumble Maggie

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Spoilers: The next-to-last stream of season 12 of drama series “Grey’s Anatomy” saw Meredith enjoying with new guy Nathan.

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After the mourning for the death of her husband, to move ahead Meredith recently started dating and Will Thorpe, the military doctor was the first one. But Meredith ended the proc when she realised that she intimated feeling for him and said that she wasn’t ready yet to surpass from the grief of her husband’s death.

But in last air of the episode titled “At Last,” an agitated Meredith got into a fuming argument with Nathan that resulted in both of them kissing each other. It still remains a mystery if there is a future for Meredith and Nathan, but one thing Ellen Pompeo portraying the role of Meredith knows that her appearance model in the show is not yet ready to share the fine particulars of her concourse.

Pompeo said “That no one really knows”. ‘Maggie her sister has a crush on him, so she cannot publicise what is going on and has to maintain the secrecy of it.’

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Spoilers Finale
Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Spoilers Finale

Ellen also doubted the very existence of the relationship in coming future. ‘I think that they want to check, for the record, the reaction of the viewers by giving them some twist and taste and later on the consensus will decide the further show .’

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Spoilers Finale and Air Date

Pompeo further noted ‘Shonda is kind of egghead in the matter. The ideas they strike her and she is very firm in context to direction, she wants her characters to travel, so she might have a plan for next year.’

Fans keeping a step ahead already realised a hook-up between Nathan-Meredith ever since Martin Henderson started portraying as Nathan Riggs. As this incurred shortly after Patrick Dempsey took off from the show, many thought that Henderson will become the new face of McDreamy.

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Spoilers Finale

“I don’t think anyone could ever be the new McDreamy,” Henderson said to The Hollywood Reporter. “Those are some pretty big shoes to fill. I hope my dynamic with Ellen will be quite different. If they try to make the dynamics of their relationship too similar to what Meredith and Derek had, it’s going to feel like rehashing something and that’s going to do the audience a disservice”

The shows of the series “Grey’s Anatomy” is regularly aired on Thursday’s on ABC

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