Naagin 14th May 2016: Rithik returns naagmani to Lord Shiva

Naagin 14th May 2016: Sesha took Shivanya’s form and come to near Rithik. Rithik asked her where she was. She said that she had cleaned the house. He showed her protective thread to Shivanya and asked her why she had thrown it. Shivanya removed his shirt and tried to do romance with him.

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On the other side, real Shivanya was tied to a pillar. Yamini came there and cut her ropes and said that she considered her as her daughter. Shivanya said what she wanted from her. Yamini said that she wanted naagmani from Rithik.

She said that she would kill Rithik if he did not give her naagmani. She told her that Sesha in the form of Shivanya was with him and she would take naagmani from him and kill him. Shivanya thought that she had to save both the naagmani and her husband Rithik.

Naagin 14th May 2016
Naagin 14th May 2016

Sesha said to Rithik to call kaal bhairav to get naagmani and save it from Yamini and Sesha. He called kaal bhairav and got naagmani from him. He moved towards Sesha to give her Naagmani but then shivanya came there and stopped him.

Naagin 14th May 2016 Written Updates

Yamini and Gurumaa also came there. Sesha said that she was real Shivanya so give her naagmani. Rithik showed her Gurumaa’s ring to her. Her body changed into snake’s body. She came in her original form.

Sangram also entered there and took naagmani from Rithik’s hands. He gave it to Gurumaa. Yamini made a shot on Gurumaa’s forehead. But her wounds got healed as she was taking naagmani in her hands.

She said that now no one could kill her now. She ran from there. Sesha also followed her. Rithik tried to snatch the gun from Yamini but in doing so Yamini made shot on Sangram Singh. She said to Rithik to bring naagmani back for her. She went behind Gurumaa.

Gurumaa ran in the jungle. The bees attacked her. In saving herself she fell down naagmani on the floor. Rithik reached there and burned bees by Naagmani. Rithik took naagmani and left from there.

Shivanya took Sangram Singh to the hospital and Rithik came there. Sangram Singh said to him to put naagmani in Shiv mandir. They went to Shiv mandir. There were thousands of snake there. Rithik took out naagmani and all snakes gave him the way.

Naagin 14th May 2016
Naagin 14th May 2016

Shivanya’s mother soul also came there to meet with them. She said that she was happy to see Naagmani back in shiv mandir. Shivanya told her that she was not naagin now. Her mother said that it’s ok she could do her duties in human form also.

She said that now she had to save naagmani from Mahishmati clan that was on amavasya. Then her soul got disappeared. Amrita called Rithik and said him to come to the home quickly. He came to home and asked what had happened.

She told him that Kabeer had returned back. She loved him. He had proposed her and she had accepted his proposal. So she wanted to engage with him. Rithik said that they would talk to mom about that.

Rithik came to meet Yamini. He told her about Anita and Kabeer. She said that she had already fixed her marriage with Karan. He said that Anita loved Kabeer and wanted to engage with him. He had called Kabeer’s parents there to talk with her. He said to her not to create any drama there. Yamini showed her fake love and tears and said to forgive her. But Rithik said that he would never forgive her.

What will Yamini do to get naagmani?

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