Hajj 2016 Live Streaming Info: Watch Mecca / Makkah Online, the holiest place for Muslims

Hajj Live Streaming 2016: The gathering of millions of Muslims from the different parts of the world at one place of Mecca to perform Hajj had been started today on September 9. The records suggested that this time around 1.5 million people has come for the old tradition and Muslims believe that it is one of the five pillars of the holy Islam.

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This traditional ritual has to be done by every Muslim no matters whether male or female at least one time in their life. This activity involves tasks such as circling the Kaaba, Mount Arafat praying, the pelting stones on the pillars representing devils, journey on  foot between the hills of Safa and Marwah.

The Hajj will be meant completed only with the celebration of Bakri-id or Eid al-Adha and in some nations, the Muslims sacrifices an animal. In 2016, it will be celebrated on 12th September in the regions of Saudi Arabia while the regions such as India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, the festival falls on 13th September.

Hajj Live Streaming 2016

Hajj Live Streaming 2016 Watch Online

The Saudi-based news site Al Arabia will be telecasting Hajj live and selected 35 crew members, especially for the holy day. They are using the advanced technology of drones which is equipped with the high-quality camera for the aerial view of Hajj pilgrims over the journey. It will also cover the Mount Arafat live whole day during the period of Hajj.

The Muslims from different parts of the world can get the live coverage from the YouTube official channels. Below is the embedded live YouTube video:

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