Happy Independence Day 2016 Wishes 15th August: Quotes, Messages, and Sayings

Happy Independence Day 2016: India’s 70th Independence Day will be celebrated on the coming 15th August 2016. This is probably the biggest event witnessed in the history of India. On this auspicious day in 1947, the country attained independence from 89 years of continuous rule by British Empire from 1858 to 1947.

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Mahatma Gandhi dreamed of India to be a free nation since childhood, this dream turned into reality with regular efforts and support or the youth. Jawaharlal Nehru was elected as the first Prime Minister of India after the nation got freedom; he hoisted the flag over Red Fort situated in Delhi.

This practice was followed in the similar fashion after Nehru by the PMs. Obviously, Narendra Modi will be hosting the flag raising ceremony at Red Fort. The entire nation celebrates the ‘freedom moment’ with great enthusiasm and joy.

Happy Independence Day 2016 Greetings


On 15 August, you stand no chance to look through the sky as there will be kites flying all over. Children and even adults observe this tradition of flying kites as it reminds them how lucky and privileged they are to live freely under no imposed rules or laws.

For you, we have gathered the Happy Independence Day 2016 Messages, Quotes, Wishes and Sayings which you can use to greet your parents, friends and loved ones. Make this moment memorable and more colorful by wishing everyone around you a Happy Freedom Day in respect of all the good human beings who lost their lives to see their nation free.

Happy Independence Day 2016 Wishes, Quotes, Messages, and Sayings

  • Lets take choice,
    To esteem our country,
    Might not overlook those penances
    Who gave us the flexibility..
    Presently its our turn
    To have a reorganization..
  • Today we meet up,
    Be the reason for the solidarity,
    Make it Beautiful day another..
    Battle against debasement,
    Spurl the banner of On NATION.

Happy Independence Day 2016 Wallpapers HD

  • Our life is loaded with colours..I trust this fifteenth August 2015 will.. add more hues to your life.
  • It is day to salute to every one of the individuals who turned into the reason of this area.
  • One ought not be glad for being an Indian just on Independence day.
  • The sentiment being an Indian ought to be in our psyche dependably.
    Wishing you the hottest wishes.
  • One ought not be pleased with being an Indian just on Independence day.
    The sentiment being an Indian ought to be in our brain dependably.
    Wishing you the hottest wishes.
  • May the Indian tricolor
    continuously fly high…
    Warm wishes on …
    the amazing event of Independence Day
  • Cherished Indians,
    Give us a chance to celebrate and appreciate the opportunity to live
    freely in our nation Cheerfully,
    Helpfully,Hopefully, Peacefully by recollecting
    our National Heroes who gave us
    Flexibility in the wake of misery torment and mortification.
  • Conveyed with consideration, covered with pride,
    Plunged in affection, fly in magnificence,
    Snippets of opportunity in shade of euphoria.
    Glad to be an Indian, Happy Independence.

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