Happy Women’s Day 2016 Quotes, Wishes and Images: Share these sayings and pictures to show respect for womens

Happy International Women’s Day Quotes and Images: The International Women’s Day has arrived to show love and respect to those women across the world. This is not only to show respect and gratitude, the day is dedicated to spreading awareness for the appreciation of efforts that a woman takes in this society. The day is originally known as international working women Day.

They had achieved a lot in most of the nations of the globe in every field work whether it is political or social. This day in simple language is the mixture of Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. In society, the women have been discriminated from a long time ago. For vanishing that element from the minds of the public, some awareness camps  were also organised.

In today’s world of technology, you have the option to show the respect to women. Here is the collection of some women’s day quotes and images which you can set as your WhatsApp and Facebook DP or status.

Happy Women’s Day 2016 Quotes

  • By and expansive, moms and housewives are the main laborers who don’t have standard time off. They are the colossal excursion less class.
  • For every one of the times, you’ve brought a grin and made my days appear to be brighter. For offering good and bad times to me and making my weights lighter. For doing the minding things that make an uncommon companion. Your friendship is a delight. I wish it never closes!

International Women's Day 2016

  • All your adoration, all you’re minding ways, all you’re giving these years are the reasons why my heart considers you on Women Day! with a wish for satisfaction and the world loaded with affection. Happy Women’s Day!
  • I simply need you to know how unique and lucky I end up to be honored with a lady as adoring, mindful and brilliant as you. Happy Women Day!
  • If you need something said, ask a man; in the event that you need something done, ask a lady.
  • I think God made a lady to be solid and not to be trampled under the feet of men. I’ve generally felt along these lines in light of the fact that my mom was an exceptionally solid lady, without a spouse.
  • On the off chance that women didn’t exist, all the cash on the planet would have no importance.
  • Somewhere out in this group of onlookers might even be somebody who will one day emulate my example, and manage the White House as the President’s life partner. I wish him well!

Happy Women's Day SMS

  • So much has been said and sung of wonderful young ladies, why don’t some individual wake up to the excellence of old women?
  • God gave women instinct and womanliness. Utilized legitimately, the blend effectively clutters the cerebrum of any man I’ve ever met.

Happy Women’s Day 2016 Images

Happy Women's Day Quotes

Happy Women's Day Wishes

Happy Women's Day Images

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